2013 Corporate Relocation Survey

Results 46: Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey - 2013

What is the "big picture?"

When Atlas first asked that question 46 years ago, the answer came from corporate traffic managers. The picture they described took shape in responses to many smaller questions. They told us how they viewed their service choices. We learned how policy guidelines affected their purchasing of transportation and storage. We saw economic, corporate, and cultural factors affecting those guidelines.

The household goods moving season, which runs approximately from Memorial Day through Labor Day, has come and gone 46 times since we asked those first questions. We're still curious. And the questions we use to bring the industry into focus have evolved. Society and relocation have evolved. Organizations are increasingly global. The mix of decision-makers and -influencers is increasingly complex.

The Atlas Survey of Corporate Relocation is the first and longest-running survey of our industry's demand side. The collection of findings on policies and practices grows richer each year. We mine these findings to reveal the new, the different, the unusual, the trending. We publish it for you here so you can better understand the business and stay ahead of forces shaping the future.

Finding what you want to know has never been easier.

We're pleased to bring you an enhanced presentation of this year's research. You'll notice:

  • An extensive menu to quickly pinpoint areas of interest and in-depth analysis.
  • Graphic presentations of data, all together in one charts section.
  • A downloadable PDF of key findings is available in Summary and Charts (172 pages, 10.7MB).
  • "Doing More With Less" is an infographic offering an intriguing visual interpretation.
  • And see our video on why your input is so important to the industry.

Make your voice count.

Planning for next year's survey is now underway. Click here to see if you qualify and get your name on the list as a participant. You'll receive a web link in January. Make your voice heard help our industry clearly see the big picture in corporate relocation. See our video on why your input is so important to the industry.

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Corporate Relocation Survey Infographic: Doing more with less