Atlas Van Lines unveils its first diesel-electric hybrid moving truck

April 14, 2009

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — The first diesel-electric hybrid truck to join Atlas' national agency network – possibly the first for the U.S. moving industry – was picked up by its new owner, Atlas Van Lines agent William Duggan of the Wm. Duggan Co., Inc., during a key ceremony today at Atlas' headquarters.

Duggan, owner of the Walpole, Mass.-based household goods relocation business, took possession of the keys to his 2010 Kenworth T370 diesel-electric hybrid straight truck. The truck was purchased from Atlas Terminal Company and sourced from Evansville dealer Palmer Trucks and body manufacturer Kentucky Trailer. This is the first hybrid-electric moving truck produced by Kenworth Truck Company.

"Today we put into action the first result of a process started many months back-as we rethink our transportation options in the relocation industry," said Atlas World Group president & COO Greg Hoover. "To have this impressive vehicle join our network fleet symbolizes Atlas' commitment to environmental responsibility and conservation, and is a model for how our agent companies can reduce their carbon footprints while continuing to provide outstanding service."

The Kenworth hybrid truck will allow the Duggan company to increase fuel economy by up to 30 percent during pickup and delivery operations and will be used primarily for deliveries between New York and Boston. The truck's state-of-the-art technology includes a PACCAR diesel engine and an Eaton diesel-electric hybrid power system. When the driver applies the brake, the transmission converts that energy to electricity and sends it to the batteries. When traveling under 30 mph, the truck uses a combination of diesel and electricity. Above 30 mph it runs like a standard diesel vehicle.

Duggan's decision to invest in hybrid technology is consistent with his company's strong track record of environmental responsibility. After a trip to South America and witnessing how lax environmental standards have lowered air quality there, Duggan replaced his entire fleet of vehicles with trucks adhering to higher emissions standards.

"The poor air quality in South America was a stark contrast to its incredibly beautiful landscape, due largely to the fact many South Americans drive old cars and trucks exported from the U.S.," Duggan said. "If by purchasing this hybrid vehicle I can influence other transportation companies to take steps to protect our environment, it will be money well spent."

Wm. Duggan Co., Inc. has been an Atlas agent for 17 years and has won the Atlas Van Lines Hauling Excellence Award multiple times and the Milton M. Hill Quality Award for the past three years. Duggan's storage facility has also received Atlas' Superior Warehouse Rating.

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