Innovation and quality push Atlas revenue higher in 2006

March 27, 2007

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — For the second year running, Atlas World Group Chairman Mike Shaffer reports the company had revenue of nearly $1 billion, with gross revenue in 2006 reaching $986 million. Atlas achieved a 3.88 percent ($36.8 million) revenue increase over 2005, representing record revenue for the Evansville-based corporate relocation and specialized transportation company.

Atlas World Group's largest subsidiary, Atlas Van Lines Inc., recorded 2006 revenue of $766 million, a 1.2 percent increase over 2005. Atlas Van Lines maintains its position as the nation's second-largest van line.

"Atlas' year-on-year revenue increases show the company's commitment to razor-sharp customer focus," said Shaffer. "We've been able to remain competitive and achieve our client and revenue goals through innovative programs and careful consideration of technological tools that help us deliver on customer expectations."

Here's a closer look at some of the new programs and technological advances that Atlas provided for its customers in 2006:

  • Atlas Accel, a relocation service model that helps corporate human resources departments and major relocation companies avoid longer delivery times associated with smaller shipments. The shorter delivery times attainable through the Accel program also help reduce the cost of temporary living expenses for employees who are required to relocate and be on the job quickly.
  • A trailer-based tracking system — the relocation industry's first — was initiated in mid-2004. Since then, Atlas has invested more than $2 million to outfit its fleet of trailers and straight trucks to enable customers the chance to closely track their possessions and/or products.
  • Labor certification. Beginning in 2005, Atlas took a leadership position in the industry by becoming the first major carrier to require criminal background checks on all new, permanently employed moving team members. That program was expanded in 2006, and Atlas now requests background checks on temporary and part-time laborers as well.
  • Process management improvement/ISO certification. Atlas is actively pursuing ISO certification, an international standard for quality management systems. ISO provides a standardized model for constructing quality management system processes that focus on customer satisfaction, business objectives and business results. Atlas executive management will begin holding management reviews this summer in preparation for the company's audit and ISO registration.

In addition, Atlas' current brand, featuring a puppy in different corporate and residential settings, continues to pay dividends for Atlas with customers and agents alike. The "puppy branding," which was introduced in late 2003, is still differentiating Atlas in an industry laden with more traditional images of moving vans and boxes.

"The puppy represents Atlas' commitment to every member of the family — including the family pet — and to the smallest details of every move," said Greg Hoover, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Atlas World Group. "It's something corporate decision makers feel good about as they arrange relocation for their employees."

A brief description of the puppy campaign as well as the latest print advertising is available for viewing on the Atlas World Group Web site at

In 2007 Atlas and its subsidiaries will continue to expand programs and services designed to enhance customer experience, efficiency and Atlas' market share in both household and specialized transportation. For a complete list of Atlas subsidiaries, visit

Atlas' five-year revenue report:

Year Revenue (in millions)
2002 $758
2003 $766
2004 $861
2005 $949
2006 $986

Atlas World Group companies employ more than 700 people throughout North America and maintain more than 900 agents and affiliates providing relocation and specialized transportation services worldwide. More than 500 Atlas agents in the United States and Canada specialize in corporate employee relocation and in the transportation of high-value items such as electronics, fine art and new fixtures and furniture. Visit for more information on the company and Atlas agents.