2005 Atlas World Group revenue nears $1 billion

A growing market and revamped branding efforts have earned Atlas 25 percent of all U.S. corporate relocations

March 28, 2006

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Atlas World Group (AWG) Chairman and CEO Mike Shaffer reports today that the company posted record revenue in 2005 of $949 million, solidifying AWG's position as owner of the nation's second largest van line and household goods carrier, Atlas Van Lines. The AWG revenue represents an increase of 10.2 percent from $861 million in 2004. Atlas Van Lines, AWG's largest subsidiary, reported 2005 revenue of $754 million, a 9.3 percent increase from $689 million in 2004.

The company's growing brand recognition and commitment to quality have earned Atlas the business of one-in-four national account moves in the U.S., according to the 2005 American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) market study.

"We're certainly nearing an incredible financial milestone. But Atlas' success is no mystery," said Mike Shaffer, chairman and CEO of Atlas World Group. "With the support and hard work of our agency family we've maintained the highest quality standards and have become a leader in safety and technology as the business environment has evolved. It really goes back to our motto: Integrity, Quality, Solutions."

Atlas executives say a new brand introduced in late 2003 featuring a puppy in different corporate and residential settings has helped differentiate Atlas in an industry laden with images of trucks. Corporate relocation professionals and Atlas agents have embraced the branding campaign, which utilizes the puppy in advertising, promotions, sales and collateral material and at industry trade shows. The puppy represents Atlas' commitment to every member of the family — including the family pet — and to the smallest details of every move, something corporate decision makers feel good about as they arrange relocation for their employees.

"I think the success of the new brand is supported by the fact that our private transferee business is also growing significantly," said Greg Hoover, senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "At the same time, we're beginning to change our image in specialized transportation and becoming more widely recognized as more than simply a moving company. We're a high-tech relocation solutions company with expertise in a wide array of disciplines, from household goods to fine art, autos and beyond."

A brief description of the puppy campaign as well as the latest print advertising is available for viewing on the Atlas World Group Web site at www.atlasworldgroup.com and www.atlasworldgroup.com/puppy/

Atlas Van Lines is the largest subsidiary of Evansville, Ind.-based Atlas World Group. The company's subsidiaries employ more than 700 people throughout North America. More than 600 Atlas agents in the United States and Canada specialize in corporate employee relocation and in the transportation of high-value items such as electronics, fine art and new fixtures and furniture. Visit www.atlasworldgroup.com for more information on the company and Atlas agents.