Road Day 2000: Atlas Eases Pain in the Neck

October 9, 2000

EVANSVILLE - (Ind.) - In one corner, an Atlas Van Lines driver leans frontward on his seat, forehead resting on a donut-shaped cushion while a massage technician works out the kinks in his neck. On the other side of the room, a driver eyes the blood pressure cuff on his arm, wondering if the traffic jam he was stuck in yesterday will show up on his pressure reading today. And in the middle of the room, there's a buffet full of heart-healthy foods for these Atlas drivers, who have just finished up another record-breaking moving season.

It was the 13th annual ROAD Day at Atlas Van Lines headquarters. Each September, just after the close of the busy season, Atlas headquarters in Evansville, Indiana and a few hundred Atlas agents across the U.S. and Canada observe ROAD (Recognizing Our Atlas Drivers) Day with a meal, a gift and a "thank you for all your hard work."

At headquarters this year, the massage therapists returned by popular demand to give neck and upper body massages and there was something new: wellness nurses who took blood pressures, checked cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and talked to drivers about eating on the road and other health issues.

"These guys work very hard all year - but especially during the summer moving season," remarks Jim Stamm, Atlas president and COO. "We are concerned about their well-being, and hope the health screenings and information will help in some way. ROAD Day is just a small thing that Atlas can do to show how much we appreciate the outstanding drivers we have."

Now the country's third-largest carrier of household goods, many Atlas agents this summer were booked to their service capacity. Atlas has been the fastest-growing van line in the industry, in terms of shipments, for the past 11 consecutive years. The company recently dedicated its new world headquarters building in Evansville and announced that projected year-end consolidated revenues for Atlas World Group, the van line's holding company, will exceed last year's totals by 11 percent and nearly double consolidated earnings figures reported by the company five years ago.

Atlas Van Lines transports household goods and special products through some 600 agents across the U.S. and Canada, and nearly 800 worldwide. Atlas World Group's subsidiaries include Atlas Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines International, Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd., and Red Ball Corporation and subsidiaries.