Atlas Offers Advice on Moving Antiques, Electronics, and Collectibles

February 25, 1999

With the busiest season for household moves approaching, Atlas Van Lines has released a new brochure that offers comprehensive instructions on how to move antiques, electronics and collectibles. Titled, "Moving Your Antiques, Electronics and Collectibles," the brochure includes tips on what to expect from professional movers who are entrusted with valuable items as well as steps individuals can take to help ensure that their valuable belongings will make the trip unharmed.

"More and more households responding to our annual survey report that they have at least one item that qualifies as an antique, expensive electronic equipment or precious collectible," notes Steve Mumma, Atlas Van Lines senior vice president of marketing and public relations. "This brochure helps consumers understand what they should discuss with professional movers when the estimate is prepared, and it outlines how to prepare fragile or valuable items for a safe, damage-free move."

The brochure also provides advice on how to declare high value inventory with the professional mover and the homeowner's insurance company before the move takes place, and offers suggestions on the most important questions to ask the insurance company regarding coverage during the loading, transport and unloading of household items.

For a free copy of Atlas Van Lines' brochure, "Moving Your Antiques, Electronics and Collectibles," visit the Atlas interchange at and request a copy.

Headquartered in Evansville, IN, Atlas Van Lines is a major transporter of household goods and special products through some 600 agents across the U.S. and Canada, and more than 800 worldwide.