Donald Hill is Named President of Alexander's Moving & Storage; Senior Staff is Realigned

March 1, 1996

TUSTIN, (Calif.) -- Donald C. Hill is named President and Chief Operating Officer of Alexander's Moving & Storage, Inc., a leading Atlas Van Lines agent. Formerly the company's Corporate Vice President of Quality, Hill is a graduate of the Crosby School of Quality and has held numerous positions within Alexander's during the past fifteen years. In his new position, he will direct the operations of all Alexander's companies with the assistance of four senior staff members.

Ronald J. Rotherham is appointed Chief Financial Officer with responsibilities for financial management, taxes, and risk management. He will also become more involved in the day-to-day activities of the business, and assist in company policy development.

Continuing as Corporate Vice President Sales & Marketing, Richard R. May will become more involved with the local sales activities of the companies and customer relations. He will also assist in developing policies of the company, and assume the responsibility for new business development.

In addition to her present financial responsibilities, Judy M. Yee, Corporate Vice President, Administration, will also focus on managing and developing information systems and standardizing company-wide policies and procedures.

As Corporate Vice President, Operations, with primary responsibility for interstate operations, operations policy, and driver recruitment, Edward G. Pentridge will take on the responsibility of fleet safety and maintenance and compliance.

According to Hill, "the leadership and experience of our senior corporate staff have been instrumental in positioning Alexander's as a leader in the moving industry. As we develop future plans, we will continue to rely on their expertise to guide us and carry on the quality vision my father had for this company."

For the first time in its history, Alexander's will establish a board of directors to help lead the company into the future. The new board is expected to be named shortly. On February 23, Hill was elected to the Board of Directors of Atlas Van Lines, Inc. and its holding company, Atlas World Group, Inc.

Alexander's Moving & Storage, with corporate headquarters in Tustin, California and other offices in Hayward California; San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; Baltimore, Maryland; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Nashville, Tennessee, is the largest multi-agency combination of companies within Atlas Van Lines, Inc.

With world headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas Van Lines is a transporter of household goods and special products through some 600 agents across the U.S. and Canada, and over 800 worldwide.