Atlas Introduces its On-Line Information Tool for Tracking Employee Relocation Shipments

June 1, 1995

EVANSVILLE, (Ind.) -- Atlas Van Lines has introduced its new Corporate Customer Access System. This computer system allows corporate customers to access up-to-date shipment information on domestic and international employee relocations, via personal computer.

According to J. Stephen Mumma, senior vice president, marketing and public relations for Atlas, "the system enables corporate relocation administrators to better coordinate and track their employee moves with Atlas."

An introductory brochure explains how a corporate relocation administrator initiates a move by registering a shipment, tracking its progress throughout the move, and checking the status of shipment activities. Other features of the Corporate Customer Access System are described as well, including electronic mail, in which customers can send messages to van line agency representatives; and a mileage calculator that allows customers to determine the mileage between two cities.

The Corporate Customer Access System is also capable of sending electronic invoices, which can be transferred electronically into a corporate customer's accounting system.

For a free copy of the Corporate Customer Access System brochure, interested companies may contact Jim Huth, Director of Corporate Communications, Atlas Van Lines, (812) 421-7183.

With its world headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas Van Lines is the nation's fifth-largest carrier of household goods and specialty products through some 750 agencies worldwide.