movr A Moving & Relocation Services Tool

movr Moving and Relocation Services

The world's best services for the person in motion.
At your command.

You're not just moving. You're relocating.

Atlas is the best at carrying the weight when you move, taking care of all the details of safely moving your household goods.

But you know that you're not just moving. You're relocating. You're disconnecting and reconnecting many parts of your life. With movr, all the best service suppliers for every aspect of your relocation are at your finger tips.

Desktop and Mobile Moving Services App

In one, easy-to-use desktop and mobile site.
Book travel, handle your utilities, even find a new place to live if you're still looking, and have the WiFi on when you get there.

Atlas makes movr available to its clients and customers in two ways. See below.

Private Client: Paying for your own move.

Paying for your own move?

Complimentary when you move with Atlas.

When you pay for your own move directly to Atlas, we know you as a "Private Client" of Atlas.

Now, when you book your move with Atlas, you receive complimentary access to the movr site. You will access the same movr services that Corporate transferees use every day to make their relocation the best it can be.

Ask your Agent about movr today.

Your Atlas Agent can show you the simple steps to add movr to your move.

Find your local Atlas Agent.

Learn even more about movr.

Lump Sum Mover: A company paying for your move.

A company paying for your move?

Ask your employer about movr

If you've received a "lump sum" payment from your employer for your relocation, there's a good chance that your employer has reserved a movr code for you. With your movr code you access movr services immediately. Ask your company HR representative today. Or, learn even more about movr.

Are you an employer?

movr was created precisely for your transferees and new hires that are receiving a lump-sum amount for their relocation. Learn more about movr for corporate clients.

To see how easy it is to allow your transferees to gain access to movr, please contact us today.

Contact us about access to movr for your transferees