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The lead driver came to my mothers home and due to 'time constraints' did not recommend logging thee numbered stickers (method of inventory accountability). He was rushed, abrupt, and intimidating to my mother. The local company Ernies Van and Storage , was the local contractor for Atlas. Upon arrival in Colorado, the lead driver (same person) would not unload the contents without an additional two thousand dollars above the agreed and signed contract. He threatened to keep my mothers life belongings until she paid the two thoughand dollars. The furnitire was significantly damaged. I repeat, the furniture was SIGNIFICANTLY damaged. When claims were submitted, Atlas would only pay for one item to be replaced after pictures were submited. The company claimed that since the furniture was place in a non approved storage facitilly (we were never given information regarding the need to have a pre approved storage facility), they would not be held responsible. I would never recommend this company to anyone making an interstate move.

Delivery of personal effects was 14 days later than the latest date quoted. Boxes showed rough handling upon delivery with some damaged to the point of leaking. Atlas offers nothing besides meals & lodging at a rate reduced by 50% of actual receipts and nothing for the inconvenience caused by the excessive delay in delivery. We had family to lean on while waiting for delivery of our effects, so we don't have receipts to support the claim. Very disappointed with Atlas! The only bright spot were the actual laborers who packed and loaded/unloaded our stuff. They were with an Atlas sub-contractor called Myer's Transport out of Charleston, WV. These actual "movers" were awesome!! It is a shame the parent company "Atlas" treated our move as some kind of sick joke!! When Meyer's requested assistance from Atlas to move our stuff which they unnecessarily placed in storage their response was to laugh at the agent! Again, thumbs down for Atlas & a thank you to the laborers who actually packed and loaded/unloaded our effects.

Extremely disappointed in the service provided by Atlas. They delivered our goods late, several items were damaged, and not one time did they attempt to communicate with us. We initiated every phone call and email to inquire about the status of our delivery. Atlas' response was to put us on hold or transfer us to someone who couldn't help. While I am glad some had good experiences, there is no way I would ever use Atlas again or recommend them.

One of the worst times I had, which makes me wonder if these reviews are accurate. Not sure if this will make it or if they will not post bad ones but we will see. First off we listed everything we had got a firm fixed price of $3,500.00, when they came they add additional things they said they had to do and it was not covered even though the sales agent had the list and how it was packaged. We had a date 3-4 days after we arrived supposedly, it's why we went with them in the first place. Our stuff arrived 3 weeks past the date they gave us, the final price was $6,200.00 and had stuff damaged so much I had to keep a word processor document and take pictures of everything. My advice stay clear of this 100% there a third party mover which hire other people. Most of the movers do not speak English either only Russian. I am calling the Better business bureau and getting a lawyer. Thanks a very unhappy customer.

They were so nice, they made all my stress go away with their more than on time service, friendly smiles and ready movers. I moved from Roseville to Novi more than a 10 minute drive right lol plus add on a husband and 2 small kids I already was dreading the big move. Until Chase Moving Company came not only early but they came with a Smile that right there made my day and my move much better. They helped with the packing which was a much needed blessing and the arranged my furniture just right in my new home. I strongly recommend anyone that looking for an affordable and friendly moving service to choose Chase that’s what I did and I couldn’t have been happier.

They were 1 day late for their drop off deadline(they broke their contract).When they put together my bed they put it together wrong and it fell and my dog was underneath it , my dog could have died. When they were moving boxes in they put many boxes in the wrong rooms , even after they asked were they went. We waited 18 DAYS! (not including the day of loading)The only good part was that the movers were nice. Only a FEW things BROKE.

I wanted to give a shout out to the awesome folks at Alaska Terminals in Anchorage AK. We recently moved to Idaho from Alaska and from start to finish we were treated like VIPs. Dave Z was very helpful with tips on how to prepare my native art for the move and as a result nothing was damaged or broken! The packing team, led by Brian M, were friendly and took great care when they handled and packed up everything. They showed up on time and stayed right on schedule throughout the packing process. Our delivery from Seattle after the barge was just as good. The driver, Lanny, called right away to set up the delivery and the crew that unloaded were great as well. I couldn't be more pleased with the overall experience and would highly recommend Atlas to others. Thanks for taking such good care of us!

sorry for the late response. I can"t express my thanks to Atlas for a smooth transition from Ohio to Florida. Everybody from the first call to escorting the truck back to the main gate were class A professional people.

We had a great experience with Atlas. The crew was great, friendly, courteous, and caring of our belongings. Everything was packed with great care. I would highly recommend Atlas.

We had a great experience with the folks who moved us -- it was like losing friends when the job was done! Everything was packed perfectly and we had no damage or breakage when we unpacked. Best of all, this high quality service was very reasonably priced!
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