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We could not be happier! Everything went really well. Don Knapp, the Salesperson, came in to do the quote and was very professional and accurate and got back to us promptly. The movers came in over 2 days and were very careful about moving our things and very helpful. The driver, Harry, who headed the crew, was extremely nice and professional and was very concerned about our satisfaction and helpful with whatever we needed. Even though we moved 1500 miles everything made it in good shape. We would highly recommend the company!!

I wanted to take a moment to write you and tell you about my outstanding moving experience using DMS Moving. I accepted a position at GM earlier this year and had to relocate from Akron, Ohio to the Greater Detroit area. And every interaction that I have had with your employees have been a very positive ones. Julie, my moving coordinator, was very professional and friendly and let me know what to expect the day of my house packing and the move. When Mr. Tompkins came to my house to evaluate how much I had to move he was very friendly and professional as well.

The day of packing up my house the loading crew Eric, Terry, Jacob and James moved with swift proficiency. They handled all of my items with care and were friendly to my four legged family members too, which I really appreciated. Moving can be stressful for them too and I was very impressed with how kind they were to my pets. The day of loading the crew showed up on time, loaded up my house in a matter of hours and were on their way.

Unloading was a little more tricky. I reserved a Public Storage unit and by the time the crew and I arrived the storage unit was not yet open. Once they did get open they had rented me a unit that was not yet empty. The crew Jacob, Tommy and Joseph patiently waited while I sorted out the issue and found a different storage location nearby with an empty unit. This crew was absolutely wonderful as well! Once I got the key to my unit they unloaded all my home goods with the utmost care and completed the move in a very timely matter. I am so thankful for the crew’s patience the day could have been so much worst if they had not been. Because of their positive attitudes when I tell the story of my moving experience I don’t focus on the storage unit that was double booked, the hot day or the amount of time that it took me to get the new unit’s paper work in order. Instead I choose to focus on the kindness of the crew members, the patience they displayed and the friendliness they showed towards me.

Moving can be a very stressful experience even when everything goes smoothly. All your worldly possessions are traveling separately from you. But I can say that I had peace of mind during this time knowing that your crew gently packed away everything and handled it with care. Thank you for the wonderful moving experience and thank you for having such wonderful crew members!! When it comes time to move again your company will be the first call I will make! And if anyone ever asks me to recommend a moving service I will recommend DMS Moving with a smile.

I want to thank you for your part in making our move very organized and smooth. Your guys were wonderful. They worked hard, were always nice and ALWAYS willing to help, no matter what we needed. Alexander’s is a great company and I will recommend them to others. Thank you for making our move that much easier. You’re the best!!!

Hi Mike,

My husband and I recently completed a move from Jefferson, Iowa to Texarkana, Texas with Weleski Transfer/Atlas Van Lines that took place September 9 through September 12, 2016. The whole process from start to finish was the smoothest move I’ve ever undertaken. Mary went above and beyond to guide me through the whole scheduling and paperwork process with great grace under pressure and exceptional kindness and understanding when we hit a few bumps in the road. She really helped me keep it all in perspective, and she always kept me informed of everything going on. Most importantly to me, it was Mary that granted my request to have Dennis as my driver.

I chose your company to transport my life of stuff half way across the country because of Dennis. Dennis was the ultimate professional throughout the move. I loved watching how he managed his crews on both ends of the move. He lead by example and showed lots of patience. He treated everyone with respect. Dennis never stopped working until the job was done. He explained everything that was going to happen to me before he started, and kept asking me throughout the day if I was ok, and how I was holding up. Dennis always kept his cool in spite of very tough working conditions with high heat and humidity and losing a half a day because of pouring rain. Nothing was damaged and nothing was broken during the packing, traveling and unloading. Dennis is a loading artist!

I didn’t have to worry about a thing because I knew Dennis was on the job. This was the smoothest move ever!


I booked Atlas through a local agent. The estimator told me that he overestimated our weight on purpose and that it would be less on the final bill. He also gave us the extra insurance at no charge. The weight came in right at what he estimated originally, so there was no savings. I found that to be ironic. It's clear now that he said whatever it took in order to get my business by any means necessary.

When it came to loading, there was three of them. The driver, his son, and a third guy the agent provided to help them. The driver was always pushing things to go at a fast pace. The helper was responsible for separating our couch that was heavy and had recliners in it. I told the guy to let me know if he needed any help, because I was worried about him possibly damaging my floor. He declined. After everything was loaded, the driver gave me about 30 seconds to check for damage and then pushed me to sign the papers so that he could get going. After I signed and they left, I noticed that there was some damage to the floor in my living room.

While the load was in transit, the driver called me a few times to setup a delivery on his schedule. I agreed to a Tuesday night unload, even though I had a job interview the following morning. I wanted to try and work with him hoping that he would be more likely to look out for me. While unloading his son made a comment to me saying that I was "dumb" for wanting to live here! As they continued unloading, they started to come across boxes that had no inventory stickers on them. By the time they were done, there was about ten with missing stickers. But on the checkoff sheet, there was only one unchecked box. I was told that it had to be in that pile of ten, that were obviously never tagged. It was getting late and once again I was pressured to sign so that they could leave. Glancing over everything and buying their excuse for the missing checkbox, I reluctantly did and they left.

I filed a claim for the box I had discovered was missing. The agent had a person work on it, but I never spoke to her. Instead, I was sent an email asking where the box was located at loading and that was it. A week later I got an email saying that my claim was being denied for lack of proof. I was never even given a chance by her to explain the situation or provide proof. It appears that the extra insurance that I was given for free was worthless. No wonder why the estimator gave it away!

Now I'm left with frustration and regret for giving this company my business. It's apparent on all levels that they will say whatever is needed to get your money and then treat you like dirt. I would suggest a few things to anyone reading this. Do it yourself, if you can. If it's not possible, then keep all valuables or fragile items with you. Also, watch the movers like a hawk! Try to spot damage right away and make damn sure that every single item going on that truck is stickered and the inventory sheets show it. Even if you get a good reference from family and friends about a company. I've seen lots of horror stories covering a wide range of moving companies. Good Luck!

I did a lot of research and finally choose Atlas. What a disaster!! Only JULY 29, they loaded all my belongings on a 48 foot moving van. It was almost totally filled, except for 3 feet. The contract said they would have my belongings here between August 5 and August 11. On August 10, I called to find out what time driver would be be. I was told to call the driver. He was in New Mexico and wouldn't be here until the 16th or 17th. Today is the 15th, I called and found out that ONLY PART of my items wi be here. The rest of my items are still in San Francisco!! And they do not know when they will be shipping it! Will ATLAS given me a discount for this incovience, hell no! Was I told they were going to do this, hell no! I just had major surgery, my brother is here to help me since I can't lift anything! DON'T get fooled by previews reviews! This is a nightmare. They are close to having my belongings almost a MONTH!! I should have rented Penske Trucks and driven it myself!!!! This nightmare is costing me over $12,000! STAY AWAY FROM ATLAS!!

We used Atlas Van lines (NMS Moving Services in Oxnard, CA) because according to our realtor, "they are the only ones he'd trust or recommend." We didn't have much notice to schedule the move, but NMS got us scheduled within a couple of days. We were impressed to see the movers arrive right on time. I asked how long it would take to load up, and again, Andy the owner/operator was precise on the time. He was clean and very polite and personable. It was impressive watching he and his partner work so efficiently and quickly, and watching Andy package up our mirrors and artwork with such speed was pretty amazing!

On the day that we expected the delivery in Washington, again, they arrived right on time. The unloading of the truck went just as quickly and efficiently as the loading did.

If I knew of anyone that was moving from the Ventura County area, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend NMS Moving Services to anyone.

Worst Movers ever! I have moved 10 times over the years and have never had issues like I had with Atlas. They partnered with a local moving company who packed my items carefully into crates. Once it transferred to Atlas, the load was unpacked and LOST for 2 weeks. I had to stay in my new house for 2 weeks with no furniture - and the dispatcher couldn't locate it. I received my furniture with 2 antique tables having legs snapped off, 5 large moving boxes ripped and damaged, my wood headboard cracked horizontally. Most of my wood furniture now has dings and scratches. My furniture was obviously not in climate control when it was lost - all plastic kitchen items were warped from the heat, as was a table top. DO NOT USE ATLAS - I NEVER WILL AGAIN. WORST MOVE EVER!

I wanted to send you a quick note to ensure that you are aware of the great job that your team did for our recent move from Kalamazoo to Indianapolis. In the world that we live in today exceptional service is, unfortunately, not common and needs to be recognized. Our move was due to a job relocation and we were put in touch with your team via Brookfield Relocation Services. Given the fact that we’ve never made a move like this, my wife and I weren’t really sure what to expect. Needless to say, whatever expectations we may or may not have had were exceeded. The process from the initial planning to the follow up has all been great.

Stacey was an incredible asset throughout the entire process. She was very thorough and provided great value and guidance from the initial planning phase of the move throughout the follow up and packing material retrieval. She was very patient and insightful, which was extremely valuable as we worked through the process. Stacey kept us aware of timelines and expectations, which kept us on track. She was also accommodating in setting dates for us as we finalized closing dates on our homes. I could not have asked for better service than Stacey provided.

Rick was also great to work with. He was thorough and informative when he came out to do the estimate for our needs for the move. He also provided great insight that helped with our peace of mind for the move.

Lastly, Jay and his team were incredible. Jay did a great job of walking through, answering any questions that we had, and explaining the process. He and his team were all very professional. They were quick and actually ended up getting things done ahead of schedule, which was a very pleasant surprise. Everything arrived in great shape. The team was exceptionally accommodating and considerate to my entire family throughout the packing, moving, and delivery. This all means a lot with all of the chaos and two young children in the mix.

As mentioned above, I was very pleased with the entire process and would definitely recommend your company and services to anyone else that may need them. Thank you, again, and please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you would like to discuss this in greater depth.

Just wanted to let you know that our move went exactly as planned. Everything was in good shape when it arrived. But I must say, your guys did a much better job of handling our stuff. Due to construction next door and having to bring a big truck for delivery, they had to move stuff a bit further, but less than 50 ft I think.

I also wanted to let you know that Stephanie and Kim were wonderful all through out our move process. They were very patient with me with all of my questions and phone calls. They are great ladies!

The guys you sent over to help, Lance and Jordan, did an excellent job. They were very polite and professional. I appreciated that very much.

And lastly, thank you for guidance on packing and other moving questions.

If I have an opportunity, I will highly recommend Atlas Moving.

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