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(I wish there was some -ve starred rating!)

Bad experience!

Do not trust crew. My important document container is missing.

At the time of delivery the crew just calls out numbers which may not be there and you tend to check the items received and you get confused.

Also at time of packing from origin location, do not trust crew to write numbers basically do not refer numbers! In my case two of the items were wrongly entered against wrong numbers. As a customer you can not scrutiny each and every item for number as it is been already loaded in that truck. So if you are choosing this service make sure you are ready to take lots of painstaking job by yourself.

And then the best annoying part??? the claims!! Takes ages!!

Marcello and his crew did an outstanding job on our recent move. We loved the fact that they are the same crew who packed all our household goods and delivered them. They were all professional and our move in and out process was very smooth. They took great care in making sure all our goods were delivered in good condition. Not one single item was damaged or missing.

I want to express our complete praise for the AMAZING team from Alexander's that handled our household move in Tennessee on May 13. The team of five men arrived at 7:58 am., perfectly on time. We first walked the house and James and the team explained the process and asked that we let them know if we were worried about anything. James was beyond professional in the way that he inventoried everything. All of the men worked quickly and carefully, and yet they were kind in addressing every area of the house to be sure we felt good about the work that was being done.

The way that the team spoke to each other was so respectful. Anytime someone would lift something super heavy, they would double check that everyone was comfortable and ask what was needed. Always yes sir and no sir anytime James or the other men addressed each other. It was so pleasant to see and listen to, and something that we would have been proud for our own children to have observed. We are both teachers in our local county schools, and these men truly embodied the teamwork and communication skills that we strive to teach our students daily.

While everything was finishing up, I realized that I had completely forgotten that there was a dishwasher full of clean dishes that had yet to be packed and I was completely out of boxes. Mark was quick to assure me that he had an extra box, tape, paper, or anything that I needed on the truck and would be happy to help me out. I explained that I was so sorry to be a problem, he completely assured me that it was a none issue. I began cleaning my son's room while he went to get my box to pack the dishwasher and when I came out of my son's room,Mark was hand wrapping every item out of the dishwasher and completely took care of it for me. That was above and beyond on so many levels.

The men made no messes and were super fast to pick up after themselves and even asking us if we needed anything! We truly enjoyed them helping us with this anxiety filled process. They all shook our hands and thanked us for the opportunity to move our items for us.

The whole process was a joy. I even told my co-workers (when I returned back to work yesterday) that if I could have movers like the moving team I had on Friday, I would move all the time because they were wonderful.

In addition to the team in our home, Brandon helped us get the process started by putting us in touch with Lynn. Lynn came out to complete the estimate and was wonderful to work with in all our communication before the move date. Heather emailed and called multiple times to double check on preparations for the move and then called Friday afternoon to see how things were going. Bodie called May 12, to confirm everything and then stopped by personally on May 13 to check on the team and to see if we were pleased and what we needed. He was so kind to offer any help and answer any questions.

When the truck drove away with everything we own including items that contain some of our most precious memories on Friday afternoon, we felt so at ease. We know that they will be handled with utmost care and concern and returned to us in the same condition when we move into our new home in June.

Thank you and your team for everything....for giving us a move with less stress, for laughter and fun stories by the crew on move day that helped us get to know the wonderful team of men that came, for being so polite and attentive to our needs, for going beyond any expectations that prior moves have created, for treating us like royalty and addressing each other with such manners, for each person explaining in many different ways why they value and choose to work for Alexander's, and lastly for providing us an amazing opportunity to work with your company and meet your fine employees.

The men on our moving team were:






We are so beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Alexander's and can not wait until we get to move in our new home with Alexander's in June!

While the team that packed and loaded did a great job, I cant give more than 2 stars given we still have not had our delivery and we are currently 6 days past the delivery spread date. Today we learned it will be another week before we get our belongings. Beware of overbooking, over-promising and massive under-delivery on promises! Huge disappointment overall.

Professional start to finish.

We wanted to express our thanks to DMS. Jay and his team were absolutely first class and did an amazing job. They treated our household goods with the utmost care and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their commitment to doing the job right was second to none and they worked unbelievably hard to get their truck loaded in time for us to move out as well as to unload everything. How they were able to get everything in the house within the two days was simply amazing and set up all of the big items that we needed set up (it actually looked like a house when they were done albeit with lots of boxes). The only criticism I have is not on them but just on the process of two days for them to unload --- they did a Herculean task to accomplish all they did in that time and we were amazed at how organized they were to load and unload. However, we think you may consider revising your process to allow them extra time to set up. Again, this is not a criticism of them as they went above and beyond but perhaps with the contract --- allowing them an additional day to set up would have been better all around.

Please pass on our compliments to Jay and his team. In completing a survey of your clients the one question you should ask is….would you recommend them to others. The answer is that we would not only recommend them to others but also ask for them by name when we move again.

I had a small move, which did not require significant packing as the items were in storage. What impressed me most about the move was the punctuality of the movers, and skill of the driver. At the loading, they were early, and the job was completed in than less than 30 minutes. For the delivery, the goods were again placed in storage, which required skillful driving to get to the location. As the storage area was located on a busy road, the delivery was done at 5 am, and there were only couple of cars that were inconvenienced by the driver's maneuvering. Well done!

Atlas was very efficient during the move. I couldn't have done it without them. They moved us from NY to FL. Every step of the way was accomplished with perfection.

Customers commonly voice opinions about negative experiences, but not often enough about positive ones. Moving from Indiana to California has been one of the most stressful, daunting things I've faced. The gentlemen that packed my belongings (don't remember their names) were great! Everything arrived safe and sound, and all is accounted for. Without them, my move would have not been so smooth.

On to the team that loaded, transported, and unloaded my stuff: Ted and Tracey. These folks are simply amazing!!! They were so accommodating, hard-working, and all around fantastic to work with. They seem to truly enjoy what they are doing and I couldn't have been more pleased with their performance and attitudes. As someone who has managed employees for years, I hope your company understands what an asset you have in them! Kudos to this "dynamic duo!"

If I ever relocate again, I hope to have individuals even half as good on the case. I can't thank you and your team enough for a job very well done!

Atlas made our move from Arizona to Canada so easy and simple, after they packed and move all of our stuff out the house with much care and professionalism, for the next 2 days we felt awkward as we really didn't do much and they did everything and treated us amazingly well.

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