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We recently used your company to move from Des Moines to Dallas and I wanted to let you know about our experience. Connie was the first person I spoke with. She was friendly and helpful and came out the same week to give me a quote. She had great follow up and called several times to see if I had any questions. Like most moves, the process was not straightforward and she helped every step of the way in whatever way she could. She spoke highly of the company overall and assured me the service would be excellent. We were not disappointed. Every time I called, Connie was a friendly and reassuring voice. Her knowledge and professionalism were outstanding. On the day of our move, our driver, Collins, and his team were wonderful. He walked me through the process and made sure I was comfortable with all aspects of the week. His team came into my house and were courteous and respectful of my home and the stress of the day. Once the move-out was complete they continued to be in contact with us as they made their way to Dallas. Move-in day was as positive and smooth as the moving out. That same day Connie called to make sure everything had gone as planned. Moving is a stressful time filled with emotions. Every person from Prairie Van & Storage that I worked with made this time in our lives easier with their positive, professional and helpful attitude. I read through your literature after our move and saw your Mission Statement that says “Prairie Van & Storage exists to simplify life transition. We do this by offering accommodative, courteous and careful service to our customers.” I would say that in our move, this goal was accomplished 100%. Thank you to Connie for an awesome job of coordinating the move and Collins who followed through on her promise of great service. They made this move an excellent experience. A company is only as good as the people who work in it and you have a valuable resource in both Connie and Collins.

I wanted to pass along what great service we received at Vesterhim Norwegian-American Museum from your driver, Ken Brown. He was extremely helpful, conscientious, and courteous—and has a wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for sending your best driver for the delivery of an exhibit!

On August 21 I used your van lines to move to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It was a complicated endeavor for me as my wife was also moving items from Decatur, IN. The driver, Manny, both at Kingman, AZ and at Cape Girardeau, MO and during the move was exceptionally helpful and understanding of my problems. He really went out of his way to be helpful and accommodating, making the move for me less of a nightmare than it could have been. Although I do not usually write letters such as this I believe Manny deserves some special recognition for the job he did. He is a credit to your company and I would recommend Atlas to someone else. Prior to this all van lines were the same to me.

I am writing this letter with deep gratitude to Jason Rumbolt and his crew for the excellent job they did packing, moving and unloading our household contents from Toronto, ON to Studio City, CA. Jason our driver and Danny his Assistant were both courteous, professional and a pleasure to work with on this move. I owe a special thank you to Jason for ensuring our load was delivered on time, as promised and for representing me with US Customs. Jason kept me apprised of the status of our move from the time he picked up, crossed the Canada/US border and with estimated delivery. He provided me his cellular number and email if I had any questions throughout the process. He advised me to contact City officials regarding parking permits which I was not aware I had to do; and he arrived at 6 am to unload to ensure he had ample parking space to unload and give me extra time to unpack with my tight schedule. I highly recommend Jason Rumbolt and Danny who worked tirelessly until everything was unloaded! They are both hard-working, kind and polite individuals. They should be commended by Atlas for their efforts.

I have moved with several companies throughout my career and I have to state for sure, this has been the best move ever. Not only was Tom Shetler pleasant to work with initially, it continued with the staff of his company throughout the months leading up to the day of the move. Making phone and email contact with Angel N. Rhodes several times for boxes, disconnection/reconnection instructions from a 3rd party, to the people delivering boxes to the residence, has been pleasant. On the day of the move, Larry (driver) and his crew were extremely pleasant and were looking forward to getting the truck loaded for us. They wanted a tour of the house before they started, and took matters into their own hands from there. They answered questions for us, made packing suggestions, and indicated they were taking particular care of the items we were concerned about. They handled those items with extreme care coming out of the house as well as being loaded into the truck. Even though it took two days to load, the staff representing your company were professional at all times. When the furniture arrived here in Texas on the day and time the driver stated it would, they exhibited the same professionalism and insisted the two Atlas movers hired locally do the same. Nothing major was damaged in the move here! This is very rare indeed and goes to the credibility of the movers representing your company during the loading process. I enjoyed working with your company from the time they arrived, to the time they finished unloading the truck here in Texas. I would indeed call this same crew to move me any place. Your company from the professionalism, caring attitude, and pleasant nature of the individuals, has been a pleasure to do business with.

I want to let you know that after 20 moves in 26 years I thought I knew something about moving. I was wrong. My recent move by DMS was by far the very best I have ever experienced. No one even comes close. The entire DMS team that moved me was outstanding. The team leader for our move was Jason Hicks. He was assisted by Dan Arpin, Gerald Hargrove and one other person whose name I lost. They were nearly picture perfect in the attention to detail and care they showed not only to our possessions but to our homes as well. They were on time, clean, neat, respectful and professional at every step. I usually dread moving and having to watch over the packing and loading process like a hawk. With these guys, I sat back and enjoyed watching a team of dedicated professionals get on with a difficult job in a professional, matter-of-fact manner. These guys, and the move coordinator I worked with, Linda, are a credit to your organization. The next time I move, I’ll be asking for DMS by name.

My family and I embarked on our first home sale and move ever when we made the decision to relocate from our hometown of Wichita, Kansas to the Bay Area for a new work opportunity. While not having first-hand experience since being a homeowner, I’ve always heard that local moves are stressful and could just imagine how that is compounded when moving halfway across the country. Working in corporate HR for well over a decade, I have seen many moves that have not gone smoothly and been a source of stress and strain for the employee. I’m so pleased to report that our move experience was about as stress-free as one of these can get. The personal care and attention we received from Daniel’s was a significant part of that overall experience.In our move, I left Wichita in advance of my family to start my new work responsibilities and begin the house-hunting process. This left my wife to manage the home sale, packing and moving process in Wichita. She called me several times when the packing team, Blaise and Kelley Hawkins were at our house to let me know about the care they were taking with our belongings and our home, and their professionalism throughout the four days of packing. As evidence of this, we only had very minor damage to a few items – well below what I expected for the distance and type of move we made. The unpacking crew also did a great job; they were efficient but worked with us to help make sure everything ended up in its proper place and also took great care of protecting our new home. Finally, the claims process was handled professionally and all issues were resolved in an acceptable manner. We felt like we were treated with extra care and attention throughout the household goods shipment process and I especially appreciated your personal check-ins and follow up with me. I’m happy we didn’t have a need to escalate any concerns but I know I would have received excellent service if that was necessary. Thanks to you and the entire Daniel’s team who helped my family during our move!

I am writing in regards to my experience with one of your agents: Winter Moving & Storage of Bentonville, Arkansas. Following recent passings within my family the time had come to liquidate the personal property and sell the house. This was no small undertaking as my family were ardent collectors of museum quality antiquities, some very large. To further complicate matters I am located out of state and, after forfeiting so much time at work caring for those I loved and lost, the hands on time I could spend at the house was very limited. I had one day to spare to get the move in place. A little research (and maybe a little divine intervention from upstairs) I was fortunate enough to find Winter Moving & Storage. My one day was spent with Nathan Cox, whose professionalism and ability to grasp the state of affairs immediately put a blanket on the fire of a very stressful situation. I left the house with strong confidence that the right person was in place to handle the job. There is no way to discount this, as the articles to be moved were odd sized, extremely delicate, and very valuable (both in monetary and sentimental worth). My heritage was in his hands and I would not be there to hold them. The following days my confidence was renewed. Nathan did his due diligence, finding the best resources to assist in the crating, returning to the house as needed, and keeping me completely informed about the process. He even had specific articles crated in wood that would be acceptable for travel to Europe if we decided to go that route, something I never would have thought of. To keep things brief, the van arrived with Jim O’Brien and Michael Driggs, who applied all of the care these belongings deserved. These men were nothing short of proficient, getting the job done without any concessions that would make it easier for them. At this point in my experience their professionalism came as no surprise. It’s easy to write a letter when things go wrong but, in this case, it’s easier because it went so right. My thanks to Nathan, Jim, Mike and Winter. Somehow “good job” just doesn't cover it.

My move went very well and I’d like to give my special thanks to the “team” of movers; Carlos Reyes, Avis Johnson and Jose Benavides. They were so very courteous and professional and took extra care with my furniture as well as being careful not to damage my furniture as well as being careful not to damage or mark the floors or walls while moving items out of one house and into the other. I’d also like to note that Charlotte, who was my move coordinator, was extremely pleasant and helpful when answering my many questions and very helpful in calming my anxieties about the move. All the individuals named helped make my move a smooth and pleasant transition. Please forward my thanks to Carlos, Avis, Jose and Charlotte and please bring this to the attention of their supervisors at Paxton so they will be aware of the high quality of their work. Thank you. I’m glad I chose Paxton for my move. Wishing you all the best in 2014.

John, thanks for your email. The best way to describe the service I received during my recent relocation is simply superb on all levels. I found the pre-planning that you did to be exceptional, as was the follow-up premove as well. The staff who performed the move were outstanding – in terms of their helpfulness and commitment to ensuring that I was satisfied. They alerted me prior to their arrival in Jacksonville and notified me of what their expectations were in terms of completing the move, and as I have unpacked, I see their thoroughness in safe guarding my possessions as well. In short, my experience couldn't have been better and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks to you and your staff for all you did.
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