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We actually had a mixed experience. I believe our reps name is Stephanie at the office in NJ. She did an excellent job getting us organized, providing shipping materials and explaining the process. Except for the explanation that the insurance we purchased would only cover by weight of the items, not replacement or repair value. The men who packed the house seemed pretty good at the time too. Our end results however were not good at all. A motorcycle was dropped and damaged. A curio cabinet wasn't packed properly and the top was crushed. A lamp was broken. Several dishes were broken. And other small things happened too. The check we got from the insurance was next to nothing. I wouldn't recommend Atlas to anyone.

Packing & loading went well. However, we were given an estimate that was way lower than actual price. They completely underestimated weight and amount of supplies needed to pack our stuff. We got to our destination which was temporary so half of our stuff was being stored in a garage. 9 months later, we are finally moving into a permanent home and I am still not sure if all of our stuff made it here. We won't know until we unpack everything. Three things I'm not crazy about: important things like silverware should be labelled on the box. I've not been able to locate ours since moving. Hoping I will find it when we move next week. The other thing: way too much packing paper was used. Total waste of paper & money. One 2" square plastic dish scraper was wrapped in 3 huge pieces of paper. I've only opened 10% of the boxes in our apartment and have thrown out several garbage bags full of paper. Lastly, some large boxes were packed FULL of dishes, etc and are so heavy I will have to repackage them just to move them out of my 3rd floor apartment to our house. The guys unloading our stuff almost couldn't carry theses boxes up here bc of how ridiculously heavy they are. The packers & loaders were kind and very hard workers but I feel these other issues should not happen to future customers.

now that I have settled in, I am noticing small dents and nicks in my fine furniture. I am really not happy also with the fact the movies put stickers on every item like rugs ( weighing almost nothing) so the piece count could be increased. I was very cordial to these movers and they were experienced, so the small dings in my precious few pieces seems like they did these on purpose.

Three weeks ago I was frustrated, and anxiously anticipating a nightmare from Atlas "sometime" on Saturday, June 20th. What actually happened was nothing short of miraculous. A lot of things had gone wrong during the process to coordinate the move for our 90-year-old mother from Anaheim, CA to Poulsbo, WA. The biggest problem was the lack of communication along the way. A number of details were missing. The final detail of not getting a call within the promised 24 hours in advance of the delivery was almost the deal breaker. Were it not for Paul answering the phone at the Anaheim warehouse, just as he was ready to leave for the day on Friday, June 19th, and giving me the phone number in Tacoma, WA. And were it not for Sandy answering the phone late on Friday evening, and going to great lengths to track down a delivery time from the dispatcher in Tacoma, I would have been out of luck. Thank you both for being there and helping me with a desperate situation. There was a trail of miscommunication right from the start. We had two pick-up locations and there were to be two delivery locations. The original contract was set up that way because my mother's items were being moved both from her home and from her assisted living apartment in Anaheim. These items were to be delivered to her assisted living apartment here in Washing State and to a nearby storage unit. The confusion happened when I was told that the deliveries had to go to locations that could accommodate a large 80' moving truck. The storage unit could not accommodate the truck, so we needed to cancel that part of the delivery order, and I was left with the idea of being alone in a parking lot with a pile of things that needed to go to storage unit. How to get them there and who would do all the lifting and moving? I have a bad back, and right before the delivery date had a major painful flare up. No one bothered to let me know that a smaller truck would ultimately be used, and making both deliveries was no problem. I could have been saved a lot of stress and sleepless nights. Besides this mix up, both loads that were picked up in Anaheim we intermixed. They were to be kept separate, with the things from the house going into storage, and the things from the apartment going into the apartment here. Everything was off loaded into the Anaheim warehouse and crated all together, how ever it would fit. You can imagine the puzzle of trying to sort things out as they were unloaded at the first delivery location. One other frustration came during the actual packing process. There were three men quickly packing and loading up the van. My sister, Deanna Butterfield, at the Anaheim locations was trying to oversee things. The men worked too fast, they were eager to get to another job, for Deanna to supervise everything and consequently there was a wake of problems that occurred. The person(s) who unhooked the washing machine in the garage, opened up the garage door (without checking with Deanna), and loaded it into the moving van, did not add it to the inventory documents, and soon the entire team drove away from the premises. They left behind a leaking water pipe where the washer had been and a broken garage door opener. Deanna had to have a repair person come out to get the door down and secured, and she had to get the water pipe closed off, before she could leave to drive up to Washington. The final issue was that one of the packers had used a bathroom without asking, and left a bowel movement mess because the toilet was not flushing, without letting Deanna know. Had he politely asked, he could have used another bathroom and saved Deanna from finding an unwanted surprise. On the plus side, although Laura Patrick, from the Anaheim office, was out on medical leave, she made herself available to me via email. She was a huge source of help and information, and encouragement. I am immensely grateful to her. Laura was the one constant I could count on amongst the many phone calls that were never returned by others in the Anaheim office. If it hadn't been for her understanding the situation and making every effort to help straighten things out, I don't know what I would have done. Laura via email arranged for the two deliveries to be made and the payment amount was adjusted to accommodate the change. Then on delivery day, in walked Rebecca Benfield and her team. They were on time, even 10 minutes early, and they were ready to make the move happen. They listened to the predicament we were in needing to separate out the load, some things for the apartment, and some things going to storage. They had no gotten the memo about the two delivery locations, but no problem. It was a painstaking procedure to unload all of the crates and sort things out, but I never heard a word of complaint. Rebecca, Rico Pader and Deshawn Moore were professional, polite, and patient with our 90-year-old mom. The senior living facility employees even noticed how nice they were to everyone whose paths they crossed. They were efficient, and long suffering, during a long, hot day. Rebecca and her team were the redeeming factor in making a difficult experience turn out positive. The load came through complete (even the missing washing machine showed up) and in good condition. [We did notice later than an artificial ficus tree had the top broken out of it. However, I watched the team unload it here and I'm sure the damage had to have happened at the Anaheim end, when things were off loaded and then crated. We didn't notice the shortened tree until the dust had settled after the move.] They left the site clean and free of damage. Rebecca took a particular interest in my mom and whatever Mom wanted, Rebecca made it happen. Rebecca was so very kind to Mom, helped her figure out where to place her furniture, arranged and re-arranged things, so they would fit in her small space. She genuinely cared for her. Rebecca and her team were awesome. They truly went the extra mile for us. They made a stressful process less hectic. Although the moving team was efficient, they never indicated that they were in a hurry to move on. They took as much time as was needed to finish the job satisfactorily. Many, many thanks to each one of the team. They were absolutely a blessing to us. They are an excellent example of the kind of employees who make a company successful.

Hello Juanita, The delivery was today. Ms. Tindle advised me this is the best move ever. They have moved all over the world, and all items would not arrive at destination or there would be a lot of damages. She said the crew was respectful from day one. Everything arrived at destination and so far, no damages. She advised that the two crew, I believe Brett and Mack were awesome. She said their friends will be moving this summer and they will be asking for the same crew. This is the couple who had great concerns at the beginning because of their unpleasant past move experiences, so great job.

Am I ever so pleased with service from Atlas. I had an international career with Eli Lilly, moved 15 times, so I started to understand a little about moving. Firstly, this is a bad time of year to get a fast move. We about gave up. Atlas, Greg and Cindy, at Woodbine, Ga., did their best to get us going from St Simons Island, Ga., to Santa Fe, NM. The packing crew was very efficient, tidy and friendly. The forecasting of arrival and emailed copies of transport timing to Santa Fe was spot on, if not heroic thanks to driver Bob. A Saturday delivery can not be fun but when paperwork didn't match for a required shuttle van, Bob pulled off a Sunday, coming up with an unpacking crew somehow. Clergy not included! Everything, and we had many fine antiques, was in great shape. My wife and I feel that for once in our recent memory of businesses, Atlas treated us like valued customers. Not just lip service but for real.

Dear Mr. Meyer, Hello, my name is Kristen Thompson and I recently relocated from Michigan to Florida to accept a position with Hertz Corporation. I accepted the offer letter on 5/15/2015 with an original start date of work on 6/15/2015. Obviously, that is a fast move regardless if local or not. The moving company that Hertz originally used did not contact me for almost 2 weeks and then proceeded to tell me that they would not be able to move us until 7/11/2015. That was unacceptable in terms of moving my family that distance and try to start a job. Hertz called upon Brookfield Relocation Company; which in turn led me to DMS Moving to contact me regarding the transportation of my household goods. (I apologize for a brief back story but wanted you to understand the timeline we had to work with). Stacy Robinson contacted me almost immediately after I found out DMS would be our moving company. She is AMAZING!!!!! Her customer service skills are excellent and she had a nice calming personality trait when discussing what was to be involved with the entire process. Moving is stressful enough. She is very detailed oriented and I felt like I was her only customer, which we both know I am not. Because it was such short notice - they arranged a date (6/11/2015) that was workable and I only had to push back my start date to 6/22/2015. She kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions with a smile on her face (yes I could tell on the phone). The person who came out to survey our household goods was thorough. You could tell that he had some experience and presented himself in a professional matter but was also personable with a great sense of humor. Since he was a hockey fan, him and my husband spoke like they were old friends. I apologize that I forgot his name. The gentlemen (Dave Rushton & crew) who packed us up and loaded the truck were OUTSTANDING!!!!! They were polite, courteous, team-oriented and very careful with our belongings. They took care of everything, not letting us lift a finger. They all had a great sense of humor and had our whole house packed up in a day! They were never pushy or demanding when it came to asking specific questions and we welcomed any suggestions they had. Once arriving to Fort Myers, FL - we did not have to wait too long before DMS was able to arrive with our belongings and especially before the July date - which I understand is your busiest. John Sturm and his crew were also OUTSTANDING!!!!! Very careful with our belongings and offered suggestions when they could tell we were a little overwhelmed on where to put things that were not the obvious. They worked quickly and efficiently despite the intense heat and humidity and continued with their sense of humor and pleasantries until they were ready to leave. In short Mr. Meyer - the generic survey (which I will complete) does not give the full picture of what amazing employees you have. As stated before this move happened quickly and I am still amazed how it all came together. I will be in contact with my relocation coordinator @ Hertz and would recommend DMS as the go-to moving company for any and all re-locations. You have a great team with excellent customer service skills that are unfortunately lacking this day and age. I cannot THANK YOU all enough for making one of the most stressful times of my life a little less painless with the packing and moving portion of my house. Please, please forward this to those that were responsible for making my first time corporate relocation experience a great one. Have a wonderful day!

Megan, Thank you, again, for your assistance during the move process of my parents, Jim and Gloria McNellis, from New Bern, NC to SearStone. Your assistance, and follow-up before, during and after the move was very much appreciated. We also appreciated the efforts of the Paxton team of Wade in the overall initial estimate review coordination and Chelsea and Tammy in their coordination of the details related to the move itself and follow-up during the two move days to ensure all was going well. The ongoing check-ins by all were very reassuring during the actual move itself. We were very fortunate with the moving crew from Paxton, led by Bryan. Bryan, Corey and Erick were professional and excellent to work with. They made the experience of packing, moving and unpacking as seamless as we believe was possible. All were very good to work with, individually as well as within the overall team. A special call-out to Corey for his attention to detail in ensuring everything was where and how it should be when the furniture was moved into SearStone. Erick's initial introduction and demeanor throughout the move was a pleasure to work with with. Bryan made us feel as though we were in very good hands the entire move, and our satisfaction was a priority throughout. I would highly recommend this team to manage additional moves. We really appreciate the overall efforts expended in ensuring my parents were moved as smoothly and expertly as possible.

I just completed a military move from Oklahoma City, OK to Littleton, CO and wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Atlas and ensure 2 of your employees are recognized for the outstanding customer service they provided. First I would like to recognize Ms. Regina Wilburn (Office #1406). I first spoke to Regina 3 weeks before my scheduled move date. I was having extreme difficulty correcting a clerical error inputted by my local TMO office that had completely changed the type and dates of my move. At this point, I had already spent hours on the phone with numerous other agencies trying to correct the issues. From the start, Regina took a genuine interest in my move and worked tirelessly to help resolve the issues and ensure my concerns were 100% addressed. She went out of her way to keep me informed as she and work with the many external agencies involved in this process as well as removing some internal hurdles due to the tight timeline of my move. Her absolute kind and caring attitude relieved many of the stressors my family was experiencing and I have no doubt that without Regina's direct engagement, the outcome of this experience would have completely different. The second person I would like to recognize is Mr. Donald "DJ" Ketcher (Driver Code #8438). DJ was the driver assigned to our move and directly supervised and participated in the loading and unloading of our household good. DJ had a huge positive impact on this process and it was obvious to me and my family, that he genuinely wanted to provide the best customer service possible. DJ took a personal interest in ensuring all of our needs and concerns were 100% addressed. In additional to my interaction with DJ, I also watched DJ interact with the loading and unloading crews, and they too commented on how amazing DJ is. This was my 12th and final military move and I can honestly say, DJ provided the best on-site support I have received during my career in the Air Force! He is a true asset to your company. Atlas Van Lines is very fortunate to have such a dedicated, customer focused individual as part of their team. I hope you will pass my heartfelt thanks to both Regina and DJ and ensure their managers are aware of their outstanding contributions and performance while representing the Atlas family. If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact me at

Last week, your company moved us from Casper, WY to Hamilton, MT. Your employees, Marcus Grimm and Dustin, did an outstanding job. They worked non-stop loading and unloading and were the hardest working people I've seen in many years - I was impressed! They were very accommodating, willing to make any changes we wanted, were very careful and thorough. All in all, they made this move a much better experience than we expected! These guys really busted their butts and are a credit to your company, employees you can be very proud of! Thanks, and please pass this along to their supervisors and other appropriate folks in your company. Marcus and Dustin were outstanding!
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