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Customers consistently rank our moving services highly. These reviews, written by real Atlas customers, tell the story of what customers like best about Atlas services and what could be better, which we work to improve every day. Read the reviews to learn what you can expect when you go new places® with Atlas.

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My name is Ping and I am a Sr. Biostatistician working for PPD. Jason, Christina and their crew in the Raleigh office helped me with my move from Wilmington NC to Seattle WA. I would like to send a note to express my appreciation for the great work they have done.

Jason was the representative who helped my with setting up the move date, cost estimate and other details. Jason is patient, professional and stays very on top of things. I had asked many questions regarding the moving services and the cost estimates at the beginning. Jason has been extremely patient, honest, polite and answered all of my concerns via emails or phone calls. Christina took over the scheduling of the delivery and she was considerate to arrange the delivery date per my schedule. Christina kept me posted on the status of the delivery along the entire move which helped me a lot to make plans accordingly. I am very lucky to have Jason and Christina help me with my move.

Cross-country moves are always stressful. But one of the most important reasons that I chose your company is that Jason, Christina and their crew made the whole process easy with 100% clarity on the cost estimates. So I chose a company with quality service and good reputation. Thank you for the stress-free move and I will definitely recommend Daniels’ Moving to all of my friends for future moves.

I recently moved from York PA to Phoenix AZ. The move was a little complicated because I was already in AZ so they had to guess the lbs. The driver Joe and his lovely wife Shannon came with their truck to meet me at the storage unit and in no time they had arranged everything. They were very professional and Joe kept a close eye on the movers who were helping. After a week they arrived in AZ and Steve from AZ helped them. Before we knew it everything was in the house and on the right spot. I have never had such a smooth move although this was the most complicated move of the 16 moves we already had under our belt. Joe, Shannon and Steve made a stressful situation easy. They are very hard workers and know what they are doing.

I recently moved from California to Boston and John Tisdel was my mover. I am writing to applaud his professionalism, kind hearted spirit and reliability. I assumed moving all my stuff across the country would be a nightmare. However, because of John, it was simple and painless. Moreover, I trusted my belongings were in good hands with John. He called to check in throughout the move and delivered my items on time and unharmed for the most part. John is truly the best mover I have ever had. I hope you appreciate his work as much as I do! If I ever have to move again, I'll be using you guys because of John!

Heard tons of bad moving stories so I was really concerned about a pending move. Interviewed several nationally known movers and picked the local Atlas agent, Ace Moving and Storage in Fallsington PA. It was the best decision that I could have made. They made the pickup right on time then they were very flexible with our changing needs for delivery. Once our decision was made for delivery they were again right on time on our schedule. Everything was delivered in the same condition that it left our old home and the final price was less than the estimate. I could not have a better decision.

Most of items shipped were received, mostly unbroken. HOWEVER.......AGGRAVATION, AFTER AGGRAVATION, Arriving late at both ends of move, items packed that were not suppose to be, backing into mailbox, lack of proper helpers. The real CUTE one was nails were used to hold broken drawer handle of china closet so as not to be noticed. This is just part of the 20 item list sent to claims. Very few items will fall under repair or $$$ claims, mostly PURE AGGRAVATION!!!

We just wanted to let you know how appreciative (no, downright elated!) we were that you were able to come through for us in a very stressful move debacle!

As you might remember, we were moving from El Dorado Hills, CA to Parkland, FL the end of August 2015. We received a quote from you as you facilitated a smaller move for us in the area 2 years before. You were the higher quote, so we decided to go with a less expensive mover. Big mistake. You truly do get what you pay for.

Packers were to arrive on August 27th, no one showed. On August 28th, two movers did appear (we were promised four men) at approx. 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon with a very small truck, with what easily we knew, would be a seven hour move. They were unaware of the packing issue and said they would pack first! Unbelievable - this would have put us at easily the early hours of the next morning to get this done, and the haphazard manner and questionable appearance of these two guys made us feel very uncomfortable about what would happen to our possessions, or if we would ever see them again.

I then picked up the phone and called you. The best "move" we ever could have made. A back and forth of a few phone calls, an extension on our lease for a few days and you had totally organized a move for a few days later - first week of September .

Two packers arrived the day before, efficient and professional and careful. Four movers arrived the next day. They arrived on time and finished the loading, onto two trucks, I might add, first onto a smaller one, transporting to a larger vehicle one mile away (we were in a tight location for the larger truck). Done seamlessly and professionally, even swept our garages! The driver kept us informed on his progress cross country so that I would be there on time to open our home. He arrived exactly on time and the unloading was quick - and most importantly, nothing was damaged! You also called, during this process on a regular basis to keep us informed along the way.

Chris, you saved us during a very stressful situation and did so with great caring and compassion. We will be eternally grateful. If you ever need a reference for cross country moving or any moving at all, please feel free to contact us - we'd be happy to do so!

My husband was recently transferred from Cincinnati, Ohio to Chicago. This meant leaving a brand new home that we had just built three years prior, as well as, leaving friends and family. We knew that this was going to be somewhat of a stressful move due to the distance. Nothing was going to make this an easy transition.

Due to having school age children, we moved just the essentials to a corporate apartment so that our daughters could begin school with the district. So on our moving day, my husband stayed in Chicago with them which left me to be the one to make the trip back to Cincinnati to orchestrate the move. I was dreading the entire weekend!! That is until Dennis Hobson showed up at my door on Oct.11, 2015. He and Bill Haney were professionally dressed, clean cut & VERY polite!! Dennis explained every single step of the process and how everything was going to be handled. All of our precious belongings were wrapped securely with such care to detail. There was never ANY debris left around and every box and bolt were labeled. When I had to leave to return to Chicago, I felt safe knowing that the job would be completed and the house locked up. They even went above and beyond what was necessary! They vacuumed the house, swept the floors and tidied up the bathrooms for the sale closing that was scheduled for the following day.

As with every day prior, Dennis and Bill showed up on time in Chicago with our belongings. Everything was unloaded and placed to our specifications. Such care was taken with the floors, doorways, etc. (as they were at our previous home). They were both so accomodating and made this process sooooo much better and smoother than we thought it was going to be. Our daughters even befriended them, which meant a lot to us!!

We have moved other times but none were as stress free and easy as this one. And for that, I wanted to take the time to make you aware of the caliber of employees/contractors you have working for you and representing your company name.

This was my first long distance move from NH to AZ. My sales rep Susan Ward was excellent! she took the time to look at everything I had to move, made sure the movers where aware of my steep driveway, 2nd and 3rd floor obstacles due to it being an older apartment. Susan was great in helping me stay within my budget.Very professional great to work with! Moving day Greg and his crew from Carroll's Moving company came with the right size truck, they work there butts off everything done in under 3 hours. Being my first time moving it gave me great peace to know that the same person who packed my things would also be driving it cross country for me. Had great communication with Greg, he was great about calling me with a drop off date that fit my needs, He and his crew did another great job getting a 52 foot truck into my storage place. Where great about how I needed things put into storage unit, took great care of all my things. We did realize a week later that one piece was still on truck, Greg again was great called let me know and shipped piece to me. I would highly recommend Atlas anytime. My move was in August.

If I were to rate the local dealer, Cook Moving and Storage, I would give them 5 stars.

HOWEVER...the national controller (dispatcher services) hardly deserve 1.

Six weeks after the immediate, helpful response by the local owner, I am still awaiting notice of an actual van pickup date. This has caused me great difficulty in scheduling other arrangements, including closing on my home, air fare reservation, transport of my vehicle, etc. I have cautioned many potential clients about this lack of response.

We actually had a mixed experience.

I believe our reps name is Stephanie at the office in NJ. She did an excellent job getting us organized, providing shipping materials and explaining the process. Except for the explanation that the insurance we purchased would only cover by weight of the items, not replacement or repair value.

The men who packed the house seemed pretty good at the time too.

Our end results however were not good at all.

A motorcycle was dropped and damaged.

A curio cabinet wasn't packed properly and the top was crushed.

A lamp was broken.

Several dishes were broken.

And other small things happened too.

The check we got from the insurance was next to nothing.

I wouldn't recommend Atlas to anyone.

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