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Just wanted you to know that we have just had the best move ever. It started with Dave Higdon, California Moving Systems in Rancho Cordova, CA. Dave's estimate was spot on. He took care of everything he said he would. A man of honor, he is. Then our driver Robert. Wow- what a special person he is. Showed up with a very competent team of men to load us and showed up on time. Robert drove our belongings from California to Tennessee 2 weeks before Christmas - and he did it with a smile. Kept in touch with us all the way across the US. Unloaded our belongings with absolutely no scratches or breakage. Dave and Robert both made us feel very special and well taken care of. Wish we could keep them in our lives forever but that would take moving again and that's not going to happen. Just wanted Atlas to know about these two outstanding men.

This was our first move. My husbands job relocated us from Houston, TX to Albuquerque, NM over the Summer. The local movers seemed great! They seemed very professional and moved the whole time. The only downside was the Atlas Van Lines truck already had another household load on one side of the truck. There was a small jeep inside the truck separating our load from another family's goods.

Long story short. Our shipment was stored in a NM storage unit in July 2015. We finally buy a new house with move-in date for Oct. 1st. Our shipping arrived that day, but lots of things are still missing. Significant items are missing (kids bedroom set, master dresser mirror, 3D blue ray DVD, surround sound system, dining table chairs, office desk legs, server table legs, kitchenware, picture decor and the list goes on. Our little girls' baby scrap book is gone, irreplaceable. Other items were damaged. Some of our items have been discontinued, so we can't reorder them again. What's sad is that we've been very kind and extremely patient with the whole situation and no one calls us with updates, we have to call them. We've had to leave messages for the claims department and most of the time nobody calls back. It's rare to get a hold of the agent handling our case and when we do, it seems like she hasn't done anything at all. We've just formally filed a claim to the insurance company. We'll be so happy when this is finally over. It's been a very stressful experience for our family. I hope no other family has to go through this nightmare again. Very disappointed with Atlas Van Lines :(

OVER 50 ITEMS DAMAGED OUT OF 176 ITEMS SHIPPED. I tried to email this to the CEO Glen Dunkerson and then COO G Hoover and had no luck. I have tried to escalate the situation and speak to someone who can expedite the claims process. NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE.

I recently relocated to Amelia Island Florida from Kansas City.

Scheduled move day was November 23rd and 3 guys showed up 9:15 (ish). 2 guys sat in the truck for about an hour and a half while the driver commenced to writing things down and spending very long times in my restroom. I call Daniels Moving & Storage Offices and spoke to Adrienne and she assured me they would all be working soon. And they did start work. Doing what I am not sure. But all three seemed misguided and not on the same page. They all were very interested in their cell phones. The long and short of this is I called Daniel’s and spoke to Wayne several times with concerns during my load up and the way my items were being handled. Freezer coming up the stairs upside down, driver in the restroom 6-7 times, my furniture on the street, cement, & “tommy-lift” without a pad or box under them. Items were on their sides, backs, etc… I looked in the truck 3:00 ish and my furniture was stacked without pads between them. The guys said they keep falling off. There was no padding between my furniture and the sides of the truck. I said something to the driver and I called Wayne again. I also recommended they bring another truck as the contents would not fit. They said it would. Wrong! At 5 pm they called another truck. We were all loaded up and papers signed by 6:30. Then the guys asked me for a jump start for their truck. They ran the battery down running the lift. I gave them my jump box from my car. I guess it did not work they were still there when I left at 6:45. After the first truck was loaded full around 5:30 I called Wayne and suggested he not move the truck my belongings were in because of the very unprofessional loading of the contents. I said that everything would get damaged. He said he could not leave it there. This was supposed to be a 3 to 4 hour load up. It took 9.5 hours. It cost me an extra day and night on the road in my travels south. The guys who delivered were flabbergasted at the fact that it too so long to load so little.

So my stuff was loaded into a warehouse. Then part of it was picked up by a guy with a box truck with a trailer behind it. Most of my stuff was loaded in a “uhaulish” looking trailer. I have pictures. My understanding was that my items would be transported in the typical 40 ft trailer. Part of my items were delivered on the 12/3 and I was in shock at the condition of the items that came off the little trailer. The guy that delivered said it was torn up before he got it. I took pictures of the items. Two deliveries was a pain. I am very busy and started a new job.

The second part of my items were delivered on the 9th. Seriously, these items were as bad or worse. I am missing items and parts of items. They lost my 5 burner gas grill. I spent 4 hours this Saturday filling out the claim forms. I know I missed some stuff. I faxed them to your claims department.

Here’s the deal. Everyone is “Militaristic” in dealing with this from the beginning. No one is apologetic or really seems to care. The lady with claims says it takes 7 – 10 days for a rep to contact me. I am working off a 4 ft plastic table at my new job because all my office furniture is broken (legs busted) and not usable.

I am asking you to please expedite this so I may get my items replaced or fixed and get back to my life.

I thought you might want/need to know what was really going on during your watch.

Thank you for reading this


Our move was fantastic! I was very nervous about contacting a moving company to move because I wasn't sure how everything would go. We were greatly surprised by how perfect everything went from meeting with Mark for the estimate to Nola who scheduled our move to Greg and his team that moved us. I just want to thank everyone for the excellent job that everyone did to make our move so easy!!

Thank you!!!!!

Jose was delayed because of traffic congestion on I-77 but he phoned to tell us. The local man had arrived one half hour before.

I must say that I was exceedingly pleased with both ends of the move. The packing was done and labelled. The Mount Vernon packers were polite and asked frequent questions abut what was to be packed and so on. The loading was very quick.

The unloading today was very professional. The three of them worked non-stop from 10am until nearly 4pm. This included carrying 41 boxes of books up 17 stairs to the second floor!. Everything was assembled and placed where we wanted. The master bedroom rug nudged up against the bedroom door and this took the three of them at least 20 minutes to correct because of the bed and dressers on the rug. they adjusted it at least twice to meet our satisfaction.

All in all I was very happy with the move. From the estimate through your help with forms and dates (and a great sense of humor) to the professionalism of Jose and both crews. As far as I can tell I see nothing kicked or scratched. Not all the cartons have been opened but so far I give 5 stars and my unreserved endorsement.

I found the whole entire experience to be positive. I moved from a small town in Florida to a small town in Michigan. It was a big move, emotional, and stressful. The folks at Atlas were helpful, friendly (over and above expectations), professional. There were no worries, no added stress (moving is hard enough!), and each and every staff member helped me to feel as if they had the whole thing covered, and were taking care of me. A huge relief.

I interviewed 3 moving companies in addition to Atlas. I couldn't be more pleased with who I chose. As a side note, my parents moved a month after I did. They didn't choose Atlas but chose a small company near to them. They had a lot of stress on the day of moving (including having some of their belongings not fit in the truck {horrible!}, lost items and damaged items. So unprofessional, and stressful at a time that they could have used a better experience.

I would not only use them again, but would happily recommend Atlas to everyone I know. Stress free and wonderful!

My name is Ping and I am a Sr. Biostatistician working for PPD. Jason, Christina and their crew in the Raleigh office helped me with my move from Wilmington NC to Seattle WA. I would like to send a note to express my appreciation for the great work they have done.

Jason was the representative who helped my with setting up the move date, cost estimate and other details. Jason is patient, professional and stays very on top of things. I had asked many questions regarding the moving services and the cost estimates at the beginning. Jason has been extremely patient, honest, polite and answered all of my concerns via emails or phone calls. Christina took over the scheduling of the delivery and she was considerate to arrange the delivery date per my schedule. Christina kept me posted on the status of the delivery along the entire move which helped me a lot to make plans accordingly. I am very lucky to have Jason and Christina help me with my move.

Cross-country moves are always stressful. But one of the most important reasons that I chose your company is that Jason, Christina and their crew made the whole process easy with 100% clarity on the cost estimates. So I chose a company with quality service and good reputation. Thank you for the stress-free move and I will definitely recommend Daniels’ Moving to all of my friends for future moves.

I recently moved from York PA to Phoenix AZ. The move was a little complicated because I was already in AZ so they had to guess the lbs. The driver Joe and his lovely wife Shannon came with their truck to meet me at the storage unit and in no time they had arranged everything. They were very professional and Joe kept a close eye on the movers who were helping. After a week they arrived in AZ and Steve from AZ helped them. Before we knew it everything was in the house and on the right spot. I have never had such a smooth move although this was the most complicated move of the 16 moves we already had under our belt. Joe, Shannon and Steve made a stressful situation easy. They are very hard workers and know what they are doing.

I recently moved from California to Boston and John Tisdel was my mover. I am writing to applaud his professionalism, kind hearted spirit and reliability. I assumed moving all my stuff across the country would be a nightmare. However, because of John, it was simple and painless. Moreover, I trusted my belongings were in good hands with John. He called to check in throughout the move and delivered my items on time and unharmed for the most part. John is truly the best mover I have ever had. I hope you appreciate his work as much as I do! If I ever have to move again, I'll be using you guys because of John!

Heard tons of bad moving stories so I was really concerned about a pending move. Interviewed several nationally known movers and picked the local Atlas agent, Ace Moving and Storage in Fallsington PA. It was the best decision that I could have made. They made the pickup right on time then they were very flexible with our changing needs for delivery. Once our decision was made for delivery they were again right on time on our schedule. Everything was delivered in the same condition that it left our old home and the final price was less than the estimate. I could not have a better decision.

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