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Atlas - Helping You Make a Greener Move

We bring you a corporate commitment to the environment.

At the corporate level, Atlas World Group focuses on sustainability to reinforce a commitment to integrity, quality and solutions. As independent businesses, Atlas agencies commit to the environment in many ways.

  • AtlasNet Survey. Hand-held terminals for pricing eliminate paper and save time.
  • Server Virtualization. Reducing hardware cuts power consumption and the need for recycling.
  • High-Tech Fleet. On-board information systems save time and fuel. Vans equipped with IdleAir run electrical systems without idling; those with Auxiliary Power Units slash diesel fuel consumption up to 90 percent.
  • Prepass and E-ZPass. Electronic passes eliminate slowing, stopping, and idling to reduce emissions and save time.

Conserving energy while keeping service levels high...

  • Biodiesel fuel provides a cleaner-burning alternative to diesel.
  • Automated systems control thermostats and lighting, and power down PCs after hours.
  • Flat panel screens use as little as one-half the energy of a CRT.
  • Used engine oils and hydraulic fluids become fuel for high-efficiency, clean-burning furnaces.

Reducing paper waste...

To conserve print resources, Atlas prints sales literature on recycled paper, takes advantage of document imaging, and invests in baling and bundling equipment to prepare paper wrap and boxes for recycling.

Protecting groundwater...

To support clean waterways, Atlas uses biodegradable soap and closed vehicle wash systems. Water capture, retention and testing ensure purity before release. Double-hulled tanks safeguard in-ground fuel supplies.

Atlas Agents Recycle


Leading with green initiatives...

Among our breakthroughs, Atlas agents were first in the U.S. relocation industry to: register under the ISO 14001 Standard for Environmental Management. Atlas agents are also breaking ground by employing a diesel-electric hybrid truck. What's more, an Atlas agent uses solar power to light and cool an entire building – and provide a surplus to the local utility.

Earning environmental recognition...

Go Green Atlas and its agent family have earned numerous local and regional awards for environmental stewardship, including the John Biasini Award from the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana.

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