How To Move Plants

Ten common house plants and how to care for them.

Philodendron Leaves droop Too hot and dry / soak thoroughly, move to a cooler spot.
Leaves turn yellow Too wet / check drainage holes, let dry between waterings.
Ficus Leaf drop Too wet / allow soil to dry before watering. Too cold / move to brighter, warmer place.
(dumb cane)
Brown leaves Hot, dry air / use cool mist humidifier.
Lanky leaves Too dark / move to brighter spot.
Boston Fern Spindly fronds Pot is too big / let it get root bound. Fertilize.
Brown fronds Dry air / use cool mist humidifier.
African Violet Spots on leaves Water on leaves / remove spotted leaves, water plant from the bottom to avoid getting water on leaves.
No flowers Too dark / increase light intensity and fertilize.
Aloe-vera Leaves topple over Too rootbound / repot, or divide plant.
Leaves wither Too dry / water a little more often.
(dragon tree)
Leaves droop Direct sun / move to more filtered light.
Parlor Palm Brown leaf tips Dry air and soil / mist and increase water.
Schefflera Blackened leaf tips Soggy soil / reduce water.
Leaf drop Cool air / move away from drafts.
Spider Plant Brown scorch marks on leaves Leaf shine damage / clean with pure water
Rotting in center Too wet / allow to dry before watering.
Brown leaf tips Too hot & dry / move away from direct sun, water more often.


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