How To Move Plants

Preparing for the move...

If you follow these tips on how to move plants, they will travel up to three days before they need attention.

Three weeks before moving day. Repot plants from clay pots into unbreakable plastic pots of the same size; changing pot sizes may harm plants.

Two weeks before moving day. Prune larger plants to make them compact for easy handling and transport. Pruning also yields healthy, bushy, attractive plants. To prune, simply pinch back newer growth with your thumb and forefinger. Do not prune ferns and succulents (e.g., cactus, jade plants, aloe).

One week before moving day. Check plants for insects and parasites. If you apply insecticides, exercise caution and follow label directions.

Two days before moving day. Water your plants normally, taking care to not overwater. Too much water can cause plants to freeze in cold weather or promote fungus growth in warm weather.

Moving day. Pack your plants in the morning (the night before is okay, too).

  • Wrap large plants with an old bed sheet or tissue paper to prevent branches from breaking.
  • Place each pot in a box so it fits snugly at the bottom. You may use regular moving cartons, like dish packs, available from your Atlas Account Representative.
  • If necessary, pack paper in the box around the base of the pot to hold the pot in place. Punch air holes in the sides of the box and loosely fasten the lid so plants can breathe.
  • Set the boxes upright and clearly mark the lids. This will help avoid loading them by mistake into the moving van.
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