How To Move Plants

What you should know about state regulations.

USDA requires an inspection and certificate when you move from a state infested with the gypsy moth to a non-infested state. The inspection applies to all common outdoor items that may carry the gypsy moth. You can perform the inspection yourself or hire a USDA-certified pesticide applicator to do it. Your Atlas Professional Van Operator will keep the certificate during the move and be ready to present it at any time. Download and read this booklet to learn how you can comply with the law and keep your move free of gypsy moths.

Some states regulate the transportation of certain plants; California, Arizona and Florida are known for especially rigid restrictions. Check with your state's department of natural resources to learn what you should know before you move plants to another state.

Most states require plants coming in to be grown indoors in sterilized potting soil. You can purchase sterilized soil at your local lawn and garden shop. The labels will show you which mix contains the loam, peat, or sand your plants need.

If you cannot take your potted plants, consider cuttings. Wrap the cuttings in wet moss and newspaper and place them in unsealed bags. Place the bags in a carton and fill in around them with light packing material. Cuttings can survive several days of travel and take root when potted at your new home.

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