How To Move Plants

Moving Plants: How To Move Plants

You've worked hard to cultivate healthy house plants. And you want them to arrive that way at your new home. As you prepare to go new places with Atlas, use these tips on how to move plants. If you have questions, ask your Atlas Account Representative. We want your move to be a complete success.

Tips for moving plants across country...

  • Packing Materials - Atlas offers affordable packing materials for plants, and your representative can explain what you need.
  • Climate Control - Transport house plants in a temperature-controlled environment, such as your car.
  • Atlas Assistance - Atlas may transport your plants for distances under 150 miles and trip times shorter than 8 hours.

When your Atlas Account Representative conducts the moving survey in your home, let him or her know you intend to take your plants.

If you have questions about caring for specific types of plants, see the chart below for tips on the ten most common house plants. You can also find answers on these websites: Department of Agriculture, National Gardening Association, Better Homes & Gardens, and Texas A&M Horticulture.

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Contact your local Atlas Agent today!

They can help answer additional questions about
moving your plants.