How To Pack For a Move — Packing Materials

Packing materials you can purchase from your Atlas Agent.

Packing Boxes or Cartons

packing materials you can purchase from your Atlas Agent
  • 1.5 cube (small)
    Books, magazines, photo albums, canned goods, grain products, hand tools and other heavy items
  • 3 cube (medium)
    Small lampshades, small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, shoes, hats and small breakables
  • 4.5 cube (large)
    Medium lampshades and small or medium kitchen appliances
  • 6 cube (extra large)
    Large lampshades and other items too large to fit into 4.5-cube cartons
  • Dishpack (china barrel)
    Dinner place settings, stemware, crystal or glassware, figurines, table lamps, vases, small pictures, mirrors and glass shelves
  • Flat Screen TV Carton
    Specially designed carton that provides added protection when transporting a flat screen TV
  • Mirror (2 or 4 section)
    Pictures, artwork, glass tabletops (less than 7 square feet), dresser mirrors or other high-value items
  • Upright Wardrobe
    For garments or floor-to-ceiling drapes
  • Mattress
    Crib, twin, double and queen/king mattresses
  • Miscellaneous
    Pole lamps, golf clubs, fishing rods, rifles or shotguns

Materials Guide

  • Corrugated or Interleaved Sheets
    For placement between dishes, saucers or other flat items and used to construct cylinders for delicate items
  • Tissue Paper
    Stuffing fragile cups and goblets, wrapping delicate figurines or artificial flower arrangements
  • Non-tarnish Paper
    Wrapping silverware, brass and pewter items
  • Brown Kraft Paper
    Wrapping large items such as pictures, mirrors or lamp bases
  • Cushioned Paper
    Used for easily scratched items
  • Wax Paper
    For oil paintings
  • Bubble Pack or Foam Peanuts
    For high-value porcelain figures, model ships or large crystal carvings

At your new home, your Atlas crew places your furniture where you want it. They'll carry cartons to the kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage as marked. They'll unroll rugs, reassemble beds, and place these in rooms as you have requested.

If you choose unpacking service, your Atlas crew will unpack every plate, cup, glass and spoon, place them on the kitchen counter, and take away the packing material when they leave. Before you unpack, read "The Dos & Don'ts of Unpacking."

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