How To Pack For a Move

Packing tips for specific items.

Special items.

Small appliances and utensils. Wrap and place these in sturdy cartons, with heavier items on the bottom.

Packing your tv

Major appliances (refrigerator, stove, freezer, washer, dryer, etc.). Have an authorized serviceman disconnect and prepare these for transport. Defrost, clean and dry your refrigerator and freezer before Atlas arrives.

Barbeque grills. Wrap grates and briquettes separately in newspaper (or place briquettes in a grocery bag). Place in a carton and pad with paper to minimize movement of the contents.

Bedding. Fold and pack pillowcases, sheets, linens, and towels in clean, medium-sized cartons (3 cube). Pack blankets, quilts and comforters in large cartons (4.5 cube). For most beds. Atlas furniture movers will disassemble and set up in your new home.

Books. Pack on edge in small cartons (1.5 cube) and alternate the orientation of bindings. Keep carton weight under 50 pounds.

Canned and non-perishable foods. Pack upright in small cartons, no more than 24 to 30 cans per carton. Wrap glass containers and boxed foods individually and pack in small cartons.

Cars and motorcycles. Drain fuel to nearly empty. Disconnect the motorcycle's battery. See that the automobile has sufficient antifreeze.

Clocks. Remove or secure the pendulum. Enlist a qualified service provider to prepare your grandfather clock.

Clothing. Place dress clothes on hangers inside wardrobe cartons, available from your Atlas Agent. Fold and pack other clothing in clean cartons.

DVD and Blu-Ray players, Gaming Systems, and CD players and turntables. Pack these items in the original cartons if you have them. If you do not, refer to the owner's manual. Wrap DVD players, CD players and turntables with an old blanket and place them upright in the carton. To stabilize the laser on your CD player, replace the transport screws (usually located on the bottom of the unit). For your turntable, stabilize the platter to secure the changer and tone arm by tightening screws located on the top of the turntable. Label the packing boxes “Fragile” and “This Side Up”.

Drapes and curtains. Hang drapes over crossbars in wardrobe cartons or fold and pack them in clean cartons. Remove curtains from rods, fold them, and pack in cartons.

Electronic media (DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, software discs, records, audio cassette tapes and video tapes). Layer the bottom of a small carton with shredded or crushed paper. Pack media in their protective sleeves or cases if available. Or wrap in tissue paper or plastic wrap to prevent scratching. Stand CDs, software discs and records on edge in cartons (do not lay flat). Brace at both ends using a hardback book, or layer pieces of cardboard to provide a snug fit. Fill in with paper as needed. Mark the box Fragile.

Firearms. Notify Atlas before you move if your shipment contains long guns or other firearms. Firearms must be unloaded, have legible serial numbers, and be packed in the presence of the Atlas Van Operator.

Home theater systems, TVs, surround sound and entertainment system components. We recommend you use a qualified third party to properly prepare these items. It is best to use the original packaging when available. Consult your owner's manuals for specific instructions.

Lamps and lampshades. Remove bulbs, harps, and shades, and roll up the cord. Pack lamps with bedding, or wrap them separately and place upright in clean, tissue-lined cartons. Wrap the harp and finial (top ornament) with packing paper and tape inside the carton containing the shade. Wrap shades in tissue, not newspaper, and place upright in large, tissue-lined cartons.

Mattresses. Typically, your Atlas Professional Van Operator and crew will prepare these items, making sure they are packed, transported and stored flat. We take care not to stand them on end, because the layers can separate. Atlas offers affordable cartons for your thick or memory foam mattress if you want extra protection. You can also help protect mattresses by covering them of old sheets or mattress covers. Mark the carton: Lay Flat – Memory Foam.

Microwave ovens. Remove loose articles from the oven, such as cookware, glass or wire shelves and carousels. Wrap these and place them in a separate container. Tape the door shut in an X-pattern to protect the glass. Use the original manufacturer's carton if available; otherwise, follow instructions below for packing personal computers.

Mirrors, paintings and pictures. Tell your Atlas Account Representative if you have valuable paintings that require special care. Wrap small mirrors, pictures, paintings and frames in unprinted newspaper or paper pads and place on edge in cartons or mirror cartons. Never place printed newspaper in contact with paintings; newspaper ink can smudge or damage your art.

Personal computers (PCs, scanners, printers, etc.). Pack these in the original cartons if you have them. Otherwise, use strong, corrugated cartons and place protective padding inside the bottom of the carton. Wrap the item with a blanket or protective pad and place it in the carton. Place additional padding between the carton and the computer. Wrap detachable cords separately, label them, and put them in a plastic bag. Place cords between the padded computer and the carton.

Rugs. Leave large rugs to be rolled up by your Atlas Professional Van Operator and crew.

Silverware. Wrap each piece in cloth or low-sulfur-content paper to prevent tarnishing. Wrap the silver chest in an old blanket or moving pad to prevent scratching.

Tools and lawn equipment. Pack hand tools in small, strong cartons. Wrap separately if they are valuable. Drain oil and fuel from gas-powered tools such as leaf blowers, trimmers and chain saws. Atlas will not transport flammables under any circumstances.

Waterbeds. Drain the mattress completely. Grasp the internal baffle with the external vinyl and fold the mattress 20 inches at a time. Adjust folds to avoid creases across individual baffles. Do not place your mattress in contact with sharp or pointed objects. Consult your owner's manual or ask your Atlas agent if you have questions.

Special Items Atlas Cannot Move

Flammables and combustibles. These are considered non-allowable items, and Atlas will not transport them. Plan to dispose of these or give them away before you move.

Handguns. You are responsible for transporting handguns and ammunition.

Medicines. Atlas recommends that you carry all medications with you. Seal caps with masking tape, wrap, and pack upright in small cartons. Some prescription drugs, such as insulin, lose their potency if exposed to heat. Check with your pharmacist.

Perishable food. Atlas cannot take perishable items.

Propane tanks. Atlas cannot transport a propane tank, even an empty one, under any circumstances.

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