How To Pack For a Move

Packing Tips: How to Pack for Moving

Packing Tips for Your Move

Every day is moving day for Atlas. When your family wishes to go new places, we are ready with the know-how to move you safely and easily. Atlas packers and movers bring proven skills and best practices to ensure your belongings travel safely. We are pleased to share our techniques with you here, along with packing tips on how you can prepare for your best move.

The most important thing you should know about packing...

Improper packing is the most common cause of breakage and damage during moving. Simply stated – there are items the pros should pack, there are things you can pack, and there are things you should pack yourself. Plus, there are perishable and hazardous items that can't be moved (see non-allowable items here).

Packing Supplies: Pad Wrap
Your Atlas professionals routinely use stretch wrap and pad wrapping. They also use wooden crates for things like crystal chandeliers, pool table slates and antiques. When you trust your entire relocation to Atlas, our packers and movers save you time, worry, and the costs from breakage that can occur with improper packing.

Atlas does not assume responsibility for the following items; plan to transport these yourself. Important papers: legal documents, birth certificates and passports, medical and prescription information. Keys and valuables: keys to furniture, safe, home; cash; photographs; jewelry; sentimental items.

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