How To Hold A Moving Sale

Tip 5. Get the word out.

When you advertise your sale, make clear the date, time, and street address. If the weather forecast looks iffy, specify a rain date. Describe popular items such as furniture, appliances, tools and electronics. You might include a phone number so people can call for more information or to get directions.

Consider running your ad in the local newspaper and online classifieds. Generally, the more words in an ad, the more it costs to run. Ask about the cost to run Friday and Saturday vs Saturday only. Be aware of submission deadlines, which can be several days in advance of publication.

You might take advantage of free online classifieds, such as Craigslist. However, the volume of messages on such websites can make it harder for any one ad to get noticed.

Put flyers around the neighborhood. Print Moving Sale in large letters with the date, time, and address. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce about requirements for signs and posters. If allowed, place them in high-traffic areas with arrows and directions on sale day.

And don't overlook the power of popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, especially during your event. When Tweeting, use your city name as a hash tag, for example: #MovingSale going on in #Charlotte today! Message me for details. Tweet about a big item that just sold, those frosty drinks in the cooler, or the beautiful weather. Put your friends and followers "in the moment" electronically—they'll want to be part of the fun.

Tip 6. Be ready to do business.

On the day of the moving sale, set up a cashier's desk (a card table will do fine). Have a calculator, scissors, tape, string, markers, a cash box and plenty of change. When you accept bills, be aware of counterfeit currency and how to spot it. The U.S. Secret Service provides a web page with the basics here.

Yard Sale Tips: Cashier's Desk
Set up a cashier's desk (a card table will do fine) with a calculator, scissors, tape, string, markers, a cash box and plenty of change.
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