How To Stretch Your Moving Budget

Once you've moved into your new home...

Tip 16: Check Out Local Listings

welcome wagonCheck out and for honest consumer reviews about local restaurants, lawn services, heating and cooling companies, doctors, and more. Go to Twitter and follow local users who tweet about happenings in the community. It's a good way to get instant updates on sales, store closings, and free events. And check out local news providers for free electronic alerts on weather and breaking news.

Tip 17: Don't Toss Junk Mail

Soon after you have moved in, you may get offers in the mail for free or discounted products and services. Don't be too quick to toss out what looks like junk mail – it could be valuable.

Tip 18: Find Newcomer Activities

Check online for information on newcomer activities in your area. Many media outlets publish searchable community calendars on their websites.You can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with others who share your interests. is good place to find events of interest near you.

Tip 19: Visit a Local Library

Visit your local library and sign up for a library card. It might allow you to borrow framed art, which you can use for a couple of months on those bare walls in your new home.

For free entertainment, check your library's selection of audio and video discs. Or check out a book on local history or places of interest in your new community.

Following these 19 tips will help reduce moving costs. Each moving expense ads up, so each dollar saved will help you in the long run. For more moving tips visit the Atlas Blog

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