How To Stretch Your Moving Budget

Tip 12: Request a Newcomer Kit

Request a newcomer kit from your bank. It will likely offer free products, services, or coupons and discounts to welcome you.

Tip 13: Network

Are you a moving because your spouse is taking a new job? Get busy now to find work in your new locale. If your spouse's company offers assistance, take advantage of it. To get a feel for the local job market, subscribe to the daily newspaper and find classified employment listings online. Look for jobs on and

Start networking locally through professional associations in the new community. Reach out to your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps they know someone in your new town. Ask for an introduction.

Temporary work can produce income and give you valuable exposure to people. It may even lead to a permanent position. The temporary work force is not limited to clerical and industrial positions. Attorneys, accountants, nurses, architects, and other professionals can find temp assignments these days.

Tip 14: Review Insurance Policies

Insurance policiesAsk your insurance company to quote coverage for your new home. But don't stop there. The Internet makes it easy to shop around. Beware of overlapping coverage. Compare your homeowner's and automobile policies, and any umbrella policy you may have. Don't pay for coverage you don't need.

Tip 15: Collect Security Deposits

Are you vacating an apartment? You may be owed a refund of your security deposit. Keep the name, telephone, and address of the apartment owner or manager. Follow up if you have not received your money within 15 days after you vacate. Many communities require the landlord to return deposits with interest. (Owner-occupied buildings of three units or fewer are usually exempt.) If you paid a pet deposit, get that back as well.

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