How To Stretch Your Moving Budget

Tip 8: Have Items Appraised

Before you sell or give away that unusual item, do you know how much it is worth? If you are in doubt, have it appraised. Many jewelry stores offer free appraisals. For antiques, rugs and other furnishings, search online for appraisers. You might be the lucky one who finds something buried in the attic worth big bucks! This is especially true of inherited items, such as furnishings or odds and ends. Don't be too hasty to get rid of old tins, books, odd pieces of china, etc. Do some homework before you put them in a moving sale or consignment shop.

Tip 9: Find a Pet Sitter

moving with petsIs your pooch moving with you? See if you can get some free pet-sitting credit with a friend or neighbor who owns a dog. Take his or her pet for a day or two, perhaps while the family is away. Then cash in your chips when moving time comes. You will like having your pet out from underfoot. Your pet will be happier with a familiar friend than in a kennel. And you'll like saving the kennel fees.

Tip 10: Use a Map

A GPS or similarly equipped smartphone can help you get around in your new community. So can online map resources such as and If you prefer traditional folded road maps, you can likely get them for free. Ask your real estate agent or check with the local chamber of commerce or tourism bureau. Some banks include a street map in their newcomer kits.

Tip 11: Learn About Area Attractions – For Free

When you are ready to explore your new community, you can probably get free printed materials about what to see and do. Check with the local chamber of commerce, convention and visitor's bureau, and historical societies. You can also learn about area attractions via their websites. Discovering all that your new community has to offer can be fun for the entire family. You might even let the kids plan the first excursion.

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