How To Make A Smooth Apartment Move

How can I avoid problems in getting back my security deposit?

A security deposit may equate to one month's rent or more. As a rule, you should get it back within 30 days after you vacate.

The landlord is not allowed to deduct for normal wear and tear, nor refuse to refund without a reason. Sometimes damage can occur when moving out. If you use a reputable mover, you won't have to worry. Your Atlas agent, for example, carries insurance in the unlikely event your apartment is damaged in the moving process.

What should I know before I engage a professional mover?

You can find professional movers by searching online or in the Yellow Pages. For your convenience, Atlas offers a geographic listing of all Atlas agents on our Find an Agent page. We hope you'll choose Atlas; we've worked hard to build a reputation consumers trust. And we're proud to carry the ProMover designation—the industry's recognized seal of integrity. Whatever company you choose, contact your mover at least six weeks before you intend to vacate.

With Atlas, you get a free written estimate up front that shows how much your move will cost. And we never stop thinking of new and better ways to help you go new places. For practical advice and easy-to-use, money-saving tips, see How to Stretch Your Moving Budget. If your move is job-related, find out about tax deductions here: How To Deduct Moving From Your Taxes.

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