How To Make A Smooth Apartment Move

I have a disability—how do I find a place that's accessible?

If you are disabled, you may find accessible apartments on popular websites, such as:,,,, Specify "disability access" or "handicap access" to locate places that can accommodate you.

What should I know before I sign a lease?

A lease is a legally binding, written agreement between you (lessee) and the landlord (lessor). It is usually a standard form. However, it may be amended by writing changes on the document; both you and the landlord must initial to show you agree.

Read the lease carefully. It should describe the condition of each room in detail. Note any damage or items in disrepair. Get the landlord to agree, in writing, to make repairs before you sign or pay a deposit.

If you don't understand something in the lease, ask what it means. Never sign a lease with blanks to be filled in later. If you have doubts about anything, talk to an attorney.

And never settle for an oral agreement. If it isn't in writing, you have no proof to support you in a dispute.

When do I need to give notice if I plan to vacate?

If you rent month-to-month, notify your landlord in writing at least 30 days before you move. If your lease is up, you don't have to give advance notice—but it's a nice courtesy. The landlord will need to find another renter. Besides, a good relationship with your landlord always works in your favor. This is especially true when you vacate and expect a timely return of your security deposit.

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