How To Make A Smooth Apartment Move

What is the secret to choosing the best apartment?

From basic living to upscale extras, apartments offer lots of choices. You're wise to start looking early. Once you determine the area you'd like to live in, visit several locations and do some "comparison shopping."

When you walk through an apartment, have these items with you:

  • tape measure
  • plug-in night light
  • light bulb
  • flashlight

The Atlas Apartment Comparison Checklist (pdf) tells why you need these things. Print a copy for each complex you visit and record your findings. But don't stop there—knock on doors and introduce yourself. Are the neighbors friendly? What do they think about the way the complex is managed? What do they say about noise?

Once you find the apartment you want, be ready to act. Have your checkbook, proof of income, references, and credit report on hand. When you meet with the manager, be punctual, neat, and friendly. The good impression you make will work in your favor.

New Apartment Checklist
Bringing a few items along on your inspections will be very helpful. Download the "Apartment Comparison Checklist" to find out how these items can help.
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