How To Move Antiques and Collectibles

At your new home...

Check off each item as it is unloaded, using your Customer Responsibilities form and Customer Check-Off sheet. If something appears damaged, make a note of it. If you think an item is missing, alert your Atlas crew immediately so they may locate it.

Do you have homeowner's insurance?

When you sell a home, your homeowners insurance may expire. Or your coverage may change. Before you move, call your insurance company and find out if your policy applies. Understand its limitations. Does it protect you...

  • while your goods are loaded, transported, and unloaded?
  • from fire and theft?
  • from dents, scratches, and missing pieces?

Atlas offers valuation for your protection.

Valuation refers to the liability Atlas assumes—and the amount you may receive if an item is lost or damaged. Unless you specify otherwise, Atlas assumes liability based on your purchase of full-value protection (FVP). This is an affordable choice for peace of mind. In the unlikely event an item is lost, damaged, or destroyed, it will be repaired or replaced at our option.

Atlas provides basic protection (BP) at no cost. However, it limits our liability on any item to 60¢ per pound. This may not provide enough coverage for your peace of mind. If you choose basic protection, we will ask you to indicate so on the Customer's Declaration of Value, a part of the Bill of Lading.

You can find out more about your coverage options here. Or ask your Atlas Account Representative for a copy of Valuation Options: What's Right For You?

If you have any questions, please ask your Atlas Account Representative. We want your antique and collectible items to have all the protection you expect when you move with Atlas.

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moving your antiques and collectibles.