How To Move Antiques and Collectibles

You should transport these items yourself.

Moving valuables and collectables
  • Fine jewelry (Atlas can transport inexpensive or costume jewelry)
  • Coins, cash, and negotiable paper (stock certificates, bonds, notes, etc.)
  • Important papers, deeds, titles, bank books, tax forms, and similar documents
  • Prescriptions, medical records, and dental records
  • Keys to furniture, safe, home
  • Photos and sentimental items

Follow these steps to help ensure the safety of your antiques.

  • Secure loose parts and removable pieces.
  • Secure doors with rubber straps or strings.
  • Remove delicate handles and tape them inside drawers.
  • Remove glass panels or mirrors, and cover them with padding or stretch wrap.
  • Place hardware and small pieces in labeled plastic bags. Put these bags in a labeled Parts Box.

Eight pointers for packing your collectibles.

  1. Prepare coins, stamps, and fine jewelry for transport with you.
  2. Pack collectibles in their original cartons. If you don't have the cartons, use Atlas professional grade cartons and bubble wrap or foam peanuts.
  3. Pack china, crystal, and other delicate pieces individually. Wrap each in fine tissue and place in compartment containers. Stand plates on edge. Place stemware in separate corrugated cylinders.
  4. Wrap dolls, figurines and sculptures in soft tissue or padding and pack in bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Place in double-walled cartons.
  5. Label cartons containing breakables as Fragile, using labels supplied by your Atlas Account Representative.
  6. Ask your Atlas Account Representative about packing your wine or other perishable collections, as well as unusual or hard-to-move collections.
  7. Are your collectibles covered under your homeowner's policy? Provide a list to your insurance agent and ask.
  8. Leave in place anything you want Atlas to pack. It's easier and safer, for example, if we pack glassware right from the cabinet.
Custom Crating for Antique Transport
We can build a custom wooden crate around the piece to insure correct fit and proper protection.
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moving your antiques and collectibles.