How To Move Antiques and Collectibles

Antique Transport: Atlas will build a custom crate for your antiques and collectibles

Atlas is among the world's most trusted and experienced antique movers. We treat every item with the finest professional care. But moving art, antiques, and collectibles takes extra care. And no one understands that better than your Atlas Professional Van Operator and crew. We know just how your valuable items should be packed, handled, and transported in order to arrive safely to your new home.

Atlas Pays Special Attention to Your Belongings.

Antique TransportBefore you move, your Atlas Account Representative will come to your home and survey your belongings. Point out things that may need special attention, such as:

  • Fragile porcelains
  • Family heirlooms
  • Valuable antiques
Whatever the item, your Atlas antique movers know which packing materials and methods work best. Your Atlas Account Representative will schedule a time for packing that fits your move schedule.

Important packing preparations you can perform.

If you wish to pack items yourself, use the same, professional-grade materials Atlas uses. Your Atlas Account Representative can supply these at affordable prices:

  • Double- and triple-walled cartons
  • Stretch wrap and cushioning wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Fine tissue and Kraft paper
  • Carton labels (Do Not Load; Load Last/Unload First; Do Not Pack; Parts Box; Fragile)
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Contact your local Atlas Agent today!

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moving your antiques and collectibles.