Move Yourself or Use a Van Line?

Thinking about Moving Yourself? Atlas may be a better idea.

As you prepare to relocate, you may be tempted to move yourself. It's a valid thought. Not everybody who moves needs the services of Atlas.

By the same token, some learn too late that to "move yourself" is not as easy or inexpensive as it's supposed to be.

If you are weighing whether to move yourself or have Atlas handle your move, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Depending on your situation, moving can require heavy lifting of cumbersome items such as desks, dressers, pianos, etc.
  • It's important to prepare your residence for the safe removal of items to avoid marring floors, walls, and doorways.
  • There is an art to proper packing of household goods and preparing furnishings for safe transport.
  • Unless you've done it before, chances are you will find it challenging to securely load and pilot the moving truck (the size of which will depend on the size of your load).
  • Taking a load of household goods over the road takes experience and preparation. Who knows when the hazards of highway travel will require an emergency response by the driver?

These tasks are second nature to an Atlas team. They have performed them many times. Yes, you can do these things yourself. But why take the chance?

Self-moving vs. Assisted Moving: An Atlas Van Lines truck travels on the highway.
Loading and piloting a moving truck can be stressful, not to mention very challenging to the every-day driver. Atlas brings proven experience to load your goods securely and transport them safely. Atlas brings the excellent value you expect from a professional van line.

The question of cost: Can you save money with self moving?

Conventional wisdom states it is cheaper to "do it yourself" than to hire a professional. This can be true for many things, from mowing the lawn to painting the guest room. When it comes to moving, however, self moving may cost you in the long run. Unexpected delays, aggravation, and even loss due to damage can take a toll.

At Atlas, we understand our customers' needs for moving on a budget. Your Atlas Agent will work with you to help you get the best value for your moving dollar. He is experienced with all aspects of moving and will offer ideas and service choices to help you save.

Atlas quality makes a difference.

Every Atlas move includes the service quality of an industry leader. Our operations conform to corporate quality standards to ensure consistency. We want to earn your business and we are satisfied with nothing less than your total satisfaction with our service. Ultimately, it is our goal for you to refer Atlas to your friends and family.