Car Transport, Motorcycle Shipping, Piano Movers and Boat Movers

Car transport and everything else.

Atlas takes special care of your special belongings. Our piano moving professionals, car shipping and motorcycle shipping, and boat moving experts bring the skills and equipment to ensure safe, secure transport.

Car Transport

When transporting your car, Atlas car movers load the automobile onto the trailer via split ramps. We use the same methods to secure the car as automobile manufacturers for open-trailer transport, including tie-downs on each corner of the vehicle and ratchet-strapping it to the floor. Our car transportation methods also incorporate decking above the car in order to protect the vehicle and provide space for other household goods. For safety, we disconnect the battery during car transport.

Car shipping: An Atlas customer's prized roadster.
Customers rely on Atlas for expertise to move special items. As well as piano moving, Atlas provides car shipping and motorcycle shipping. Atlas can handle practically any large or unusual item you may have.

Motorcycle Shipping

For motorcycle shipping, we first drain the fuel, then load the bike onto the truck using a ramp. We remove any mirrors or other protruding features and pad well for protection. We secure your bike with straps to prevent shifting during transport. Decking above your motorcycle protects it during shipping and allows us to use the overhead space for other items. At the destination, we reassemble any items that were removed.

Piano Movers

Atlas piano movers are trained to handle all kinds of pianos, from spinets to concert grand pianos. We use the appropriate dolly and pad wrapping (with stretch wrapping) to protect each instrument. We make sure the floor is protected before we roll out or in. For grand pianos, we remove legs, pedals, lid and music rack. A padded piano moving board allows us to safely carry the piano case, including up and down stairways. Inside the trailer, we secure the piano with straps to minimize shifting.

Boat Movers

Moving a boat is "smooth sailing" with Atlas. Local Atlas moving professionals regularly help customers with boat transport. They offer boat shipping as a special service, or as part of moving a family's belongings from one state to another.

Atlas boat movers can advise you on the best options for safe, secure boat transport. This includes preparing your boat for shipping and shrink wrapping (if needed). Contact Atlas today for a free quote on boat shipping.

Atlas know-how serves you well.

Whether babying a baby grand piano... or caring for a handcrafted heirloom antique... Atlas transports thousands of special items each year. Our people bring the skills, equipment, and care that special items deserve. Which is why customers all over the world count on us to deliver the quality service they expect. You can, too.