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Professionalism keeps your things safe.

Poor packing is the most common cause of breakage during relocation. But here's good news: Atlas packers and movers bring proven skills to prevent breakage.

Our trained packers understand that moving fragile, delicate items involves more than simply placing them in boxes. It takes special care. Atlas packers and movers use the right packing materials and proper packing tips and techniques to safely move your belongings. They bring the packing materials, hand-wrap your breakables, and pack every item in its special carton. Clothes are hung in special wardrobe cartons that make clothing ready-to-wear when you unpack. Whether you are moving an aquarium or antique furniture, Atlas packers and movers use packing materials that work best to cushion and protect various items. They use their expertise in proper packing methods to ensure safe transit.

Your Atlas professionals also use wooden crates for things like crystal chandeliers, pool table slates and antiques. When you trust your entire relocation to Atlas, our packers and movers save you time, worry, and the costs from breakage that often come with an inexperienced team.

What you can expect from our packers and movers.

Check out these photo tips to see how Atlas packs your household items for safe shipment.

Atlas professional packing materials.
If you decide to do your own packing, we recommend you use the same materials our professional packers and movers do: double and triple-cell constructed cartons, cushioning wraps and packing tape. All are readily available at affordable prices from your Atlas Agent. Just ask about what you need.
Rummage sale items.
A good way to save money: don't move things you don't use any more! The whole family can help decide what to give away or sell in a moving sale. Contributions to charities may be tax-deductible (remember to get a receipt). A moving sale can turn unwanted items into cash.