What is an Atlas Agent?

Atlas crew moving family into home

Atlas Agents, Your Local Atlas Representatives

Ranked among the best moving companies, the Atlas Van Lines Agent family consists of over 500 independently owned moving and storage businesses across the U.S. They share a commitment to help people go new places® more easily and more securely. As members of a cooperative network, Atlas Agents also share resources. Working together, they bring choices and flexibility to make your move easy and affordable. When you choose Atlas, you get a moving van line known for service. That's because Atlas is distinguished by Agent ownership. Atlas Agents are directly responsible for your satisfaction. Their livelihoods depend on it. No one is more concerned with your well-being when moving than an Atlas Agent.

What Atlas Agents Do For You

Atlas Agent moving crew

Your Atlas Agent runs its own offices, warehouses, equipment and staff. Your Agent can make decisions quickly to ensure you get the results you expect. This ability to act independently means you get the best of both worlds.

The Atlas Agency representative:

  • Meets with you before the move
  • Prepares an estimate
  • Provides advice and answers your questions
  • Coordinates your pack dates with the agency crew and equipment
  • Schedules your preferred pickup and delivery dates
  • Reports your information to the operations department at Atlas headquarters

From there, professionals will monitor your move — assuring that your move process goes smoothly.

Your Atlas team provides professional service from start to finish, just as you expect.
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