Full Service Movers and Packers for Hassle-Free Moving

Your Atlas Team

Don't worry... your moving company is Atlas.

With Atlas full service movers and packers, you get professionals focused on every aspect of your move. Unlike many relocation moving companies that hand off to other providers, Atlas takes a hands-on approach. We bring our own people, equipment and know-how. "Full-service movers and packers" means simply this: Atlas is responsible for every aspect of your relocation. You get service quality that starts the minute you call. And it lasts from the time we pack and load your belongings until every item is delivered, unpacked and placed where you want it.

Your Atlas Full Service Movers and Packers Are a Dedicated Team.

With Atlas as your moving company, you get an experienced, dedicated team to make your relocation stress-free.

Your Atlas Service Representative handles all the details of a moving checklist. She meets with you before the move, estimates moving expenses, provides advice and answers questions. She coordinates your packing dates with the agency crew. She schedules your preferred pickup and delivery dates. And she provides a vital communications link to Atlas and the other members of your full-service movers and packers team.

Your Atlas Professional Van Operator is like a ship's captain. He takes command and accepts responsibility. He knows how to handle your possessions safely, how to load them securely, and how to supervise the crew. Among relocation moving companies, Atlas stands out for its dedicated, experienced van operators.

Atlas crew members, including movers and packers, bring strength and skilled hands with a sense of caring for your property. They work carefully to pack and prepare your belongings for safe transport. Their extensive knowledge of the proper packing of all types of household items — large and small, fragile and durable, delicate electronics and priceless heirlooms — ensures their successful transport. At your new home, they are equally skilled at the careful unpacking of your belongings with the same results. Your Atlas crew knows how to move and truly exemplifies the idea of "full service movers and packers".

Atlas crew members.
Atlas was the first among national full-service movers and packers to require background checks on employees. You can be assured every Atlas person in your service is honest, hardworking, and always acting in your best interest.

Your Atlas Team at Work.

Taking Inventory. A team member documents all cartons and separate items on an inventory form, writing descriptions of each. Upon delivery, you'll review the Customer Check-Off Sheet and verify all items were received. It's a proven system for your peace of mind.

Loading the Van. It's like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle in three dimensions. Your Atlas Van Operator does it right, so your things travel safely and securely.

Atlas van loaded with customer's belongings.


Shipment Tracking. Atlas full service movers and packers monitor the transportation of your possessions using advanced satellite and information systems. When you need an update, simply call your Atlas Service Representative or login to our tracking application.

Placing Your Furniture. As you would expect from a full-service moving company, your Atlas crew places your furniture for you. They'll carry cartons to the kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage as marked. They'll unroll rugs, reassemble beds, and put them where you say.

Unpacking. If you choose, your Atlas crew will unpack every plate, cup, glass and spoon; place them on the kitchen counter; and take away the packing material when they leave.