Atlas Flex® Small Moves

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The only thing traditional about your move is the security of Atlas.

Sometimes, a small move is considered "non-traditional" because it doesn't fit the full services of van line. Now, with Atlas Flex®, you can make a non-traditional, small move and get the full security of Atlas packing and loading. And, it's a faster way to go for smaller moves.

The fastest thing to happen to small moves in decades.
Why is Atlas Flex® different?


When you're only moving a few of your belongings, or moving a small apartment, Atlas Flex® is the first program of its kind designed specifically with your moving needs in mind. It delivers speed and security by combining the best transportation network in the business with the exclusive professional services of Atlas, from door to door. Only Flex delivers this service designed specifically for a small move.


Flex aims to put all of your moving services in one price. Transportation cost is based on weight and distance. When estimating your move, every attempt is made to learn any unique requirements of your move at origin and destination. You receive one price which includes packing, loading, transportation, unloading and Full Value Protection. Your Atlas Agent is trained to anticipate potential unknowns, keeping unexpected costs as low as possible.


  • The faster way from here to there, with the professional service and security of Atlas Van Lines packing, loading and receiving.
  • We do the packing, it's included in your price.
  • Full Value Protection on every Flex move, automatically, assuring the greatest peace of mind in moving.
  • Less handling of items throughout the move; securely stored from origin to destination.
  • Tracked by Atlas Van Lines from location to location via the moveAtlas app.


Ask your local agent if Flex is right for your move.

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