Learning Sessions & Roundtables

Learning Sessions

1) Mentoring in an Increasingly Global Workplace: The Expatriate Retention Challenge

Faced with the rapid expansion of globalization, organizations must now directly confront the issue of expatriate development and retention. Global mentoring programs are on the rise and progressively play a role in the successful completion of foreign assignments and repatriation. This interactive session will allow attendees to collaborate with colleagues on this hot topic and hear from a panel of experts on how mentoring can be used as a means of improving organizational effectiveness. Moderated by Meyer Law Group Senior Attorney William Taylor, the panel includes Elena Mosko, Founder and CEO of Globiana, Sandy Beyer, Senior Global Mobility Specialist at Salesforce, and Dr. Dan Martin, Director of Research at the Charter for Compassion.

2) Corporate Mobility: The Transferee Perspective

Want behind the scenes insights on challenges transferees face throughout their relocation? This engaging panel discussion will allow you to step into the shoes of the transferee in order to gain further clarity into the mobilization process. Learn strategies for enhancing and refining current mobility policies conducive to increasing assignee satisfaction, building loyalty, and driving organizational results.

3) Do You Have the Solutions to Global Complexity?

No one is a fan of Monday mornings, especially when you’re walking through the door to find yourself in the middle of a Business Travelers audit, Immigration regulations are limiting your workforce mobility, Safe Harbour is no longer in force, and, you have to present the new Short Term Assignment Policy. All in a day's work! As leaders of global mobility programs, our panel will provide insight into the impacts that are rapidly changing business requirements, as well as a wide range of global complexities that are impacting how they work, and what is expected from their service partners. Moderated by Gary Dittrich, COO, Cornerstone Relocation Group, the panel includes Susanne Swayhoover, Director, HR Shared Services at Sanofi, Cori Beaudet, Director, Abbott Talent Deployment at Abbott Labs, Karrie DeBlauw, Global Mobility Hub Manager at Allianz and Jack Jampel, Sr. Manager of Global Mobility at Stryker.

4) What’s Driving the Young Professional Today… what makes them tick, and how will we respond?

This interactive and fast-paced session will blend a panel of corporate professionals from global mobility, recruitment and retention, and compensation and benefits. Attendees will participate in round table format with Atlas corporate guests to discuss issues, challenges, and solutions on how to meet millennial expectations, “myth-bust”, and prepare for this dynamic generation in the workforce. Moderated by Todd Janssen, Director of Corporate Accounts at The Paxton Companies, and David Stange, Director of Global Business Development at The Paxton Companies, the panel includes Scott Kelley, AVP Field Compensation at Hospital Corporation of America, Kristin Peterson, Human Resources Generalist at Louisiana Pacific Corporation, and Suzie Grieco, Co-founder & President of SG2 Recruiting.


1) Relocation Policy Administration Trends

Learn about company tiers within relocation policies, formal vs. informal relocation policies, how long the average employee has to accept relocation offers, and relocating employee types.

2) Domestic vs. International Relocation Trends

Learn about the most frequent destinations of transfer, assignment duration, and the differences between domestic and international policies.

3) Alternative Assignment Trends

Learn about how alternative assignment arrangements are incorporated into an organization's employee mobility strategy and key factors that determine if an alternative assignment method will be used.

4) Lump Sum Trends

Learn about typical ranges of lump sums offered, types of employees receiving lump sum payments, and lump sum payment application to relocation costs.

5) Spouse/Partner/Family Assistance Trends

Learn about candidate assessments performed prior to relocation offers, assistance trends for those relocating domestically vs. internationally, and how spouse/partner employment impacts employee relocations.

6) Reimbursement & Cost Coverage Trends

Learn about transferee/new hire reimbursement, full vs. partial reimbursement, payment application pertaining to relocation costs.