Corporate Relocations with Atlas Technology

Corporate Relocations with Atlas Technology

We make it easy for you.

Corporate relocations can be complex. But Atlas technology simplifies the process for you. We provide the tools that keep you informed, so you can make the best decisions. We're continually investing in our technology to make it the best fit for your corporate relocations program.

Tracking and reporting.

As a customer, you get access to online shipment tracking from Atlas. This secure application supports your corporate relocations with timely information. Simply query the system to get an immediate update on the whereabouts of your shipment.

Information systems enhance performance.

Atlas is committed to serving your corporate relocations with advanced information systems to create the customer experience you expect. Our technology has been recognized by industry leader InformationWeek for innovation.

Technology over the road.

More than high-tech operations behind the scenes, Atlas brings the best in transportation to corporate relocations. A world-class fleet is equipped for tracking and efficient mobile communication. We maintain a strong link between van operators, operations personnel, and you. Efficient information transfer enables more efficient corporate relocations.