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Avail Move Management works with Corporate Relocation Pros

As a corporate relocation professional, you depend on timely, accurate information for move management. Effective move management can make the difference in your employee's well-being and the company's bottom line.

Avail Move Management, a company of Atlas, was formed to serve you and your transportation partners. Atlas provides the people and systems to ensure successful corporate relocation. Compare other relocation companies with Atlas, and you will find our move management team sees the big picture.

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Attention to detail adds value for you.

For the greatest possible efficiency, count on us for the experts and tools that will help you get the job done. Our processes for managing your move allow you to zero in on opportunities to improve the quality, service and value you get from your transportation purchases.

You get access to more moving company rates, enhanced vendor relationships, carriers that better fit your requirements, accurate quality measurement and recommendations, more effective transit policies, and consistently professional and conscientious customer service.