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Already one of the largest metropolitan areas in Florida, Jacksonville is always expanding. The  business-friendly government works successfully to encourage businesses to stay in or move to Jacksonville. The high quality of living — attributable to the beautiful beaches, buildings, lighthouses, and Sunshine State location — attracts a steady flow of new residents. Jacksonville’s urban park system is the largest in the country and Jacksonville is home to some of Florida’s best wildlife exhibits.


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Jacksonville History

Florida joined the U.S. territories in 1821, and, in 1822, a few settlers donated land for an official town to be established. This town was later renamed Jacksonville in honor of the area’s first provisional governor, Andrew Jackson. From the Civil War to the Sub-Tropical Exposition to Prohibition, Jacksonville has witnessed many historical events.


Jacksonville Weather

Jacksonville is in the northeast corner of Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic helps to regulate the temperature in Jacksonville, giving it an annual average temperature of 68° F. Jacksonville cycles through the typical four seasons, with warm summers providing a lot of sunshine, mild winters, and cool spring and fall seasons.


Jacksonville Transportation

You can easily get into the Jacksonville area through the Jacksonville International Airport. From the airport, you can take a bus into the city or the suburbs, or, with Jacksonville’s Skyway, you can take a train to traverse the city.


Cost of Living in Jacksonville

Living along one of Jacksonville’s beautiful beaches can be pricey. The tools below will help you determine how your budget fits with the area’s cost of living.


Jacksonville Schools

Jacksonville is in the Duval County school district. This district consists of 160 schools, educating approximately 123,000 students.


Jacksonville Real Estate

You can enjoy a beachfront home or condo, but you may have to go further from the beach to find something larger to fit a growing family. Use these resources to find out about your real estate options in Jacksonville.


Jacksonville Hotels

The hotels in Jacksonville can accommodate beach lovers as well as super shoppers. Choose from upscale hotels to low key places to relax. Use the resources below to find your hotel.


Jacksonville Restaurants

With Jacksonville’s ocean-side location, the restaurants are teeming with the freshest seafood. There are also many restaurants and cuisines available to accommodate people who aren’t that into seafood. To experience something new, check out some of the dinner theaters in Jacksonville.


Things To Do in Jacksonville

Jacksonville has 848 square miles of beaches and waterways to enjoy. If you’re not a beach-bum take a break indoors with some shopping. If you’re a night owl, enjoy Jacksonville’s many theater productions or explore the bar scene.

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