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What to look for when finding a new neighborhood [Video]

When you're moving to a new and unfamiliar city, it can be hard to decide which neighborhood is the best choice for you. To find your perfect area, first focus on the big picture. Look for neighborhoods with the vibe you want, whether its hip and full of entertainment options or quiet and mostly residential.

Then, make a list of the top amenities you're looking for in a neighborhood. Do you need to be near amazing schools for your kids? Are you looking for somewhere within reach of the city's best restaurants? Prioritizing these features will help you narrow your options.

Finally, don't forget about your commute. You want it to be as easy and painless as possible, otherwise you'll dread going to work each day. It doesn't matter if that means being within easy driving distance of work or finding a home near public transit - your neighborhood should be easy to access.


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