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The three types of moving estimates [Video]

When it comes to pricing your relocation, there are three types of moving estimates a company can give you. The first is a binding estimate. The quote you receive is how much you will pay your moving contractor, so even if the total is different after the items are weighed, you're only going to pay that initial estimate.

The second kind of contract is nonbinding. Essentially, your contractor can give you an estimate, but then the price will vary depending on how heavy your items turn out to be. So, the final price will fluctuate based on whether your items weigh more or less than expected.

Third is the binding-not-to-exceed estimate. Like the binding estimate, you're given a price, and if your move costs more than the quote, you only pay the initial estimate. But unlike the binding estimate, if your move ends up costing less, you get to pay the lower price! So, make sure you keep each of these options in mind the next time you need a moving estimate.


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