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Moving pets: Keeping them calm [Video]

Moving is just as stressful on pets as it is on their owners, so it's best to help your furry friends stay calm and comfortable throughout your relocation. The first step to achieving a relaxed environment is placing your pet in a quiet room while items are being loaded by your movers. This way, the strangers in the house won't make them anxious.

Another way you can keep your pet comfortable during a move is to create a travel kit. This will include their carrier as well as favorite toys and treats. These items will comfort your pet during the trip.

While you're in the car, you should also try to position the carrier so your furry friend will be able to see you during travel. Having you in sight will lower stress and help your pet realize it isn't getting left behind. If you follow these three tips, your pet will be more manageable during the move.


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