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Moving from the U.S. to Canada [Video]

It's important to prepare for your move, especially if you're planning an international relocation. Take moving from the U.S. to Canada, for instance - you should hire a moving company that has experience with cross-border relocations. This way, the movers will know the rules and regulations associated with the area, and your transfer will go more smoothly.

It's also important to have several copies of your inventory list. These documents will clearly state what you have located in each container so officials know what you're bringing into the country. This will be needed when traveling through customs.

Other documents you'll need include your passport and work visa or a confirmation of your residence status. Keep all of these documents in an easily accessible location while you're traveling so you can quickly pull them out for officials. If you keep all of this in mind, you'll be less likely to hit a roadblock when moving to Canada.


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