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How to get an accurate moving estimate [Video]

When relocating, getting an accurate moving estimate will make it much easier to set a budget. But how can you ensure your quote is accurate? First, make sure to schedule an in-home estimate with your moving company, rather than requesting a quote online or over the phone.

When the estimator gets to your house, be completely upfront about the items you'll be moving. He or she will consider a number of factors, including the size and weight of your belongings, how far you're moving and the amount of valuation protection you need.

Finally, check with your moving company to confirm whether your quote is binding or non-binding. If it's non-binding, you could be charged more than the quote, whether it's because of pricing increases or because your belongings weighed more than expected. If it's binding, you won't pay more than the estimate, even with extenuating circumstances.


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