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How moving technology can streamline your relocation

In today's modern society, all kinds of companies are embracing technology. That's because devices have the ability to simplify just about every process. Moving companies, specifically, have adopted technology into their services to make things easier on everyone. Here's how moving technology can help streamline your relocation.

Keep an eye on your things

When you're picking up your life and moving it to another place, it's natural to feel uneasy. But now with online tracking and reporting, customers get access to see shipping every step of the way. This availability can help you plan your own schedule as you move. No more waiting around, these online systems give you an immediate update on the whereabouts of your shipment with only a couple of clicks.

Achieve efficiency

The more knowledge you have, the more efficient you can be. Like with shipping, having access to accurate updates through every step of your move can help you plan your own steps accordingly. However, you are not the only person involved in a move. Drivers play an enormous role in a moving company. They are the ones that load, transport and unload all of your belongings. As a result, they hold a lot of important responsibilities during a relocation. Luckily, technology makes truck drivers' jobs easier and, as a result, your job easier, too. Mobile communication continues to strengthen, as 66 percent of drivers in an Atlas Van Lines Operator Survey 2013 reported using smartphones. That way, drivers are connected, no matter where they are. 

Be environmentally conscious

The adoption of technology also helps drivers be more eco-friendly on the road. Map applications keep drivers updated, so they can avoid traffic, take the most efficient routes, save gas and reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, more than half of Atlas Van Lines' drivers surveyed in 2013 revealed they seek out recycling opportunities for aluminum, plastic and glass trash items they accumulate throughout their travels. Thirty-eight percent are taking advantage of reusable drink containers and 33 percent are using reusable grocery bags. Working with technology, drivers make your move more environmentally conscious.

Get information instantly 

Some moving companies are taking technology a step further with their own online service tools. At Atlas Van Lines, movr™ makes a relocation a breeze for the employee and employer alike. This desktop and mobile-friendly interface does it all - from booking travel to changing your address to even finding you a place to live. With this feature, you can easily manage your move without having to speak to a representative at all. No company will ever contact you unless you request it. When you do want direct communication with a provider, the command is at your fingertips, and you'll get a response instantly. No matter what location you're at (your soon-to-be old neighborhood, your new city or even on the road) movr™ gives you as much or as little control you prefer for your relocation. This tool was created precisely to streamline employee transfers, although household moves or private clients can integrate movr™ into their relocation, as well. 


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