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Eco-friendly moving tips [Video]

The process of packing your belongings and keeping everything organized is stressful enough without adding in environmental concerns. However, there are a few things you can do that will make your relocation easier while still being eco-friendly.

The first is donating or selling old clothes and toys you don't want anymore. Deposit unwanted items into a large garbage bag and drive them to the nearest thrift store. Overall, this will minimize the amount of items you have to pack.

If you're planning to move items yourself, skip the packing paper and bubble wrap. Instead, use towels and clothing to cushion breakable items in your storage containers. You won't have to waste money on supplies, and you'll be using fewer resources. However, if you're planning to go with a moving company, make sure it's eco-friendly. Look for fuel-efficiency, recycling and other beneficial features when researching your movers.


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