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3 tips for moving with small children [Video]

93 percent. According to an Atlas survey, that's the percentage of corporate relocations that included kids in 2014. But while moving with small children may be common, it certainly isn't easy. If you're relocating with kids, here are three tips that can help:

One, ask friends and family members to babysit. They can take the kids to their homes or watch over them in your house. Either way, having someone dedicated to the kids as you focus on packing will ease your mind considerably.

Two, give your kids tasks! They'll love being in charge of packing up all of their favorite stuffed animals and books. Plus, they'll likely feel more involved in the big changes happening around them. And three, pack some extra clothes, toys and snacks in a backpack or suitcase you can keep with you. Believe me - you won't regret being extra prepared.


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