BRAVO Recap: PVO’s have the Golden Touch

Oct 30, 2014

Food, gifts, games and more. Over 1,300 events took place at Atlas agencies across the U.S. and Canada during BRAVO WEEK in September. BRAVO is Atlas’ declaration of appreciation to PVO’s for their hard work and dedication.

Although they drive trucks, they are much more than truck drivers. Atlas Professional Van Operators (PVO’s) manage crews, solve complex problems, and run their own businesses. PVO’s are the heart and soul of Atlas, helping deliver our promises and meet our customer's expectations.

“We are always excited to take time to recognize our most valued asset, our drivers,” says Frank Moreno of Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (0066). “As someone who was once a local bobtail driver, I can honestly say the little things are very motivational and mean much more to the crews than we realize.  I embrace BRAVO as a chance to give a little extra to the backbone of our industry.” Throughout BRAVO, Frank’s agency held a fajita cookout and Ace employees brought in home cooked dishes.

Ace World Wide of Nevada, Inc. (0711) celebrated with a kickoff cookout and then served breakfast each day of the week-long celebration. They also grilled steaks, burgers, bratwurst and all the fixings on multiple days.

“BRAVO week is a great way to extend the gratitude that Ace World Wide has for the PVO’s  that make our whole outfit run.  Our industry and our company would be very limited without the dedication and hard work of our professional van operators,” says Wade Bute, Ace World Wide of Nevada.

Atlantic Relocation Systems also celebrated BRAVO week. Neil Vansant said, “each morning of the week we supplied fresh fruit, energy bars, bottled water, coffee and gifts to all Atlas qualified drivers.  On Friday, the sales department held a BBQ with hot dogs and hamburgers for all crew members and visiting drivers as one last thank you to our valued van operators and movers.”

Next year, BRAVO will take place from September 21st-25th, 2015. But please, remember to thank PVO's everyday for delivering our promises.